Sandra M.
Dead at 28 from Safe & Legal Abortion

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I have before me the death certificate of Sandra M. (I'll refrain from giving any last names or other personal identifying information out of respect for the family's privacy.) You can download a scanned copy of this death certificate if you like. I apologize for the poor quality of the scan, but if you find it difficult to read or don't want to bother downloading, I'll tell you the relevant sections:

Other facts about Sandra's death

Information supplied by Pro-Life Action League of Toledo. They report that all information was verified 5-3 thru 5-12, 1990 by the county coroner, victim's parents, victim's babysitter, and friends and acquaintances of victim.)
  1. Abortion was performed in early morning on 4-27-90. Time of death was 6:01 p.m., 4-27-90.
  2. Abortion performed at a Toledo abortion chamber.
  3. Victim # 1: 18 week old precious little baby.
  4. Victim # 2: 28 year old woman named Sandra M. from Green Springs, Ohio, in Northwest Ohio. She was born in England.
  5. She was the mother of 3 born children, 2 boys and 1 girl. They are at the present time with their father.
  6. She was divorced, and was no longer living with her boyfriend who was the father of the baby. The boyfriend and the parents did not know victim was pregnant. Boyfriend thought she died from a heart attack. He now knows the truth.
  7. We were told woman was 18 weeks pregnant. Info is from babysitter who was the "best friend" of the woman who died. She told Sandra that this was the best thing to do and paid for the abortion. Best friend's son drove Sandra to and from the mill.
  8. Best friend was babysitting for Sandra's children. She called mill three times and was told NOT to call Family Doctor and ambulance because this pain and distress was "NORMAL".
  9. Several days before the abortion Sandra went to regular OB/GYN and had an ultra-sound and listened to the baby's heart beat. This doctor may have given her the referral to abortion center.
  10. Sandusky County coroner called the county prosecutor because he felt that this was a case of negligence. Prosecutor said "Oh well, abortions are legal. This is a civil matter."
  11. When Paramedics were finally called, Sandra was reportedly unconcious. Her abdomen was bloated due to internal bleeding, which was due to the lacerated uterus from the abortion, according to the Coroner. She bled to death.
  12. She was transported to Fremont Memorial Hospital in Sandusky County. She was dead on arrival. An autopsy was performed and Dr. Samual Lowry, the Coroner, has filed a report in his own county but the mill is in a different county. He doesn't plan on reporting to the state ("It's a civil matter") or to the other county's health department, or to the Medical Licensing board.
  13. Sandra's mother is still pro-abortion.
  14. A press conference by pro-lifers who discovered this incident was covered by only one TV station and they did not choose to air the story because, even with the proof of the death certificate, and the word of a member of the Lucas County Coroner's office who appeared at the press conference un-announced to examine the document, they say that this is only a "rumor". Another TV station stated that this is not news since abortion is legal.

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Posted 9 Sep 2000.

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