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Carolina G. died on 5 Feb 1996, seven weeks after fighting a "raging infection" that started with a botched abortion at the Maher Medical Center in Little Havana.

She underwent the abortion 19 Dec 1995. On 21 Dec she went to Jackson Memorial Hospital "barely able to breathe." A doctor said her uterus was perforated "at least twice" and she had a "blood infection so severe that she was in septic shock." Despite doctors' efforts, gangrene set in and "her fingers and feet turned black." Doctors amputated both legs "just below the knees" to contain the infection. However, "complications and the infection continued," and Miss G. died. Results of the autopsy were not available.

Meanwhile, the clinic closed after the initial news reports. The family's attorneys said the center did not respond to their request for medical records in 10 days as Florida law requires.

Source: Jacobs, Miami Herald, 6 Feb 1996

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Posted 9 Sep 2000.

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