Where are all the Black Folks?

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I wish I had a dollar for every time that I've been asked that question.

That's not to imply that it's a dumb question. I must have asked that same question a hundred times myself. Speaking for myself, "Where are all the black folks?" is more a cry of pain rather than a question.

Allow me to explain. I know that there are black pro-lifers out there other than myself. Why don't we see them? I believe it's because the "powers that be" are scared stiff of what would happen if blacks and whites were to unite around this, the most basic of all issues that has ever confronted mankind or womankind.

Therefore, you hardly ever hear about black pro-life politicians like J.C. Watts. Mr Alan Keyes isn't allowed to participate in the presidential debate, despite the fact that he was a candidate. And when an African-American who is pro-life becomes popular, such as Supreme Court justice Clarence Thomas, he is portrayed as a womanizing "Uncle Tom."

Tens of thousands of Americans boarded buses and went to Washington, D.C., for the annual march, but the media just happened "overlook", two years in a row, the main speaker -- who is African-American. Naturally this only goes to "reaffirm" that there aren't any blacks in the pro-life movement.

Using the "tree in a forest" analogy, if there's an African-American who is fighting to protect the life of the unborn and no one sees her, does that mean that she does not exist?

What we do see are people like Faye Wattleton, Joycelyn Elders, Alice ("The Color Purple") Walker and Jesse Jackson, all of whom support the "right" to kill little black and white babies. Given this scenario, I guess it's only natural for pro-lifers to ask, "Where are all the black folks?"

It has always been Blacks for Life's policy to be "informational, not confrontational." We've always tried to address various issues (especially as they pertain to Blacks in the pro-life movement) in a manner which will foster a calmer climate whereby we can, hopefully, get more people to see that we are not the "raving maniacs" that the media often portray us as.

Having said that, enough is enough! It seems as though the whole world has lost its mind. We've entered a world where "good" and "bad" are a matter of personal choice and "common sense" is as common as the North American Yak.

Take for examples the following cases:

  1. A five year old kid gets tossed out of school for kissing a girl on the cheek.
  2. Another child gets in trouble for not writing a school paper in which the teacher tells the class to "make a deal with the devil". (Please keep in mind that the children are forbidden to pray or write about God.)
  3. A grandmother was handcuffed and arrested for putting money in a parking meter for a total stranger.
  4. Two girls were suspended. One for taking midol for cramps and the other for giving it to her.
Prayers are not only forbidden in public schools, but a new ruling forbids college football players from kneeling to give thanks to God after having scored a touchdown. Meanwhile, a professional baseball player can spit on an umpire and is allowed to continue to play in the playoffs (earning extra money, plus a shot at a championship.)

As you can see, the same type of "logic" that so many people have use to "legitimize" abortion has now spread to so many facets of our everyday life.

Jesse Jackson, a minister, who is supposed to know scripture backwards and fowards; the man who march with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and refused to exchange violence for violence, now says he supports the right to take the life of an unborn baby. And Faye Wattleton has been quoted as saying that Margaret Sanger is the lady that she would like to emulate. Read Margaret Sanger: Father of Modern Society by Elasah Drogin to find out how African-Americans fit into Sanger's plans.

Our laws and "logic" have been twisted so much that it's legal to kill a child before they are born or an "unuseful" elderly person. My wife likes to say that there's no longer any such thing as good or bad, there are only good and bad lawyers. She may be right, but I would like to think that the day will come when we rise above it all and regain -- as my parents used to say -- the sense that the good Lord gave us.

I don't know. Is it me, or has the whole world lost its mind?

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Posted 14 Sep 2000.

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