Abortion: A New Mindset

by Rasheeda McDaniel

Ms McDaniel is a senior at Walnut Hills High School.
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I believe that respect for human life needs to ... begin in our minds. We, as Americans and especially black Americans, need to re-establish all life as valuable because in tbe world that we're living in, life has no value whatsoever.

For example: Everytime I turn on the news, I hear about somebody getting shot, somebody committing suicide or someone being executed because of a murder they may have committed. Ironically, abortions aren't even considered newsworthy nowadays. So, what is the result?

Millions of babies have died. Millions of babies will die and this is sickeningly refered to as "the norm."

In reality, this is nothing less than preconceived murder! A Teen Magazine article reveals a girl who knew even before she had sex that she would have an abortion should she become pregnant. Once she went through with it (the abortion) she cared more about the needle prick of the anesthesia than she did about her own child!

She placed no walue on human life, so it was almost absurd to think that she would even care that a life was lost. We need to wake up and realize that killing, all killing, is wrong and should, therefore, be illegal.

Just recently, on January 22, I went to Washington, DC, for a pro-life march. I went for a number of reasons. One reason I went was to reaffirm my belief in the pro-life movement. I also went to pay my respects to all of those would-be doctors, lawyers and leaders of this world. Another reason I went was so that I could be a part of the number of people to plead with Bill Clinton to end partial-birth abortions. And finally, I went to say that I am an African-American, Christian, teenaged woman who will not have any part in any abortion, even if it costs me my life!! And I just wish that there were others like myself.

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Posted 14 Sep 2000.

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