Black Pro-Lifers: The Invisible People

by Melody Thomas
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I remember it well, it was a very cold Janunary 21st night, last year. We all gathered in front of the Hamilton County Court House in unity to send our fellow pro-life supporters to Washington, D.C. to particpate the March for Life '95.

It wasn't much different this year. We all gathered in front of that same court house. Songs were sung, prayers were prayed. Some held candle while others held signs: "choose life" and "love them both". We were there again to send off those who once again saw fit to go to our nation's capitol to display their sadness and disagreement with the Roe v. Wade decision. Everything was pretty much the same this year as it was the previaus year, which is unfortunate.

I had hoped that the media would show just one African-American that attended the send-off. It didn't have to be me or my son (although we stood in front of a camera on purpose, just as we did last yesr). It could have been any number of African-Americans that were there that night.

Without fail, I went home and turned on the news. Low and behold, once again it happened. The media had once again edited out shots of African-Americans who had joined white pro-lifers in the same belief that the unborn should have a right to life. (Not only black babies or white babies but all unborn babies.)

I wonder why the media is so afraid to show blacks and whites agree an an issue that is meant to divide us. Maybe they are afraid that we might unite on other issues. Or perhaps they are afraid that African-American viewers will come to seethat abortion also effects us as a peaple. (After all, most abortion mills are set up in predominately black neighborhoods.)

Whatever the media's reason for not showing the Blacks For Life that cold January night last year or this year, I'll never know for sure, but what I do know is that we were there, if not in large numbers then certainly in the spirit of love, peace, hope and most of all life.

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Posted 14 Sep 2000.

Copyright 1996 by Blacks for Life
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