Welfare Caps and Abortion: Con

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The opinions in this article are those of the writer, and not necessarily of Pregnant Pause. As the writer points out, pro-lifers come down on both sides of this issue. For an opposing view, see Welfare Caps and Abortion: Pro.

I consider myself a fairly easy-going person. I pride myself on being able to understand people with opinions that are different than mine. But try as I might, I cannot, for the life of me, understand how a person can claim to be pro-life and in favor of welfare caps.

When I hear this kind of rhetoric, I am reminded of a true story that my wife told me. She said that she was driving along I-71 when a man who drove past her with a couple of bumper stickers. One said, "Pro-choice" and the other read, "End racism." She said that she wished that she could get him to pull over to the side of the road so that she could find out if the man was aware of the blatant contradiction in the two messages.

Likewise, there are some members of the pro-life persuasion who fail to see the contradiction between being in favor of welfare caps and pro-life. Imagine for a moment, what it would look like from the viewpoint of a lady who might be considering having an abortion, if she saw a pro-lifer marching with a sign that read, "Love them both" on the one side and "We're in favor of cutting off what little assistance you may be getting now." THAT WOMAN NEEDS OUR LOVE! NOT OUR RHETORIC! And when I say "love", I mean it as a verb and not as a noun. (What if Jesus would have said to the blind man, "Look! I said, 'I love you. What more do you want?" Somehow, I don't think history would have been the same.)

A pregnant lady is like someone standing inside a burning building. She is in a bad situation and it doesn't help for the fire department to show up outside the building, ten stories below, shouting statistics about how many fires occur within an hour. SHE NEEDS A LADDER!

And as laid back as I try to be, I must admit, I was offended having read an article in which it was stated that, "since the welfare cap has gone into effect [in the state of New Jersey], the change in abortions is statistically insignificant. Previously, the monthly average of abortions was 984. Since the cap, the average has been 991." How in the world can the murder of one child be considered "insignificant", let alone an increase in that number?!?

In his book, Why We Can't Wait, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., stated that whenever civil rights leaders began to organize a protest, liberals would frequently shout "wait." Rev. King said "wait" always meant "never.''

The same could be said of the abortion / welfare cap debate. There are those who claim to be on the side of both mother and child, but as soon as there is a price to be paid, suddenly we hear "wait." No longer is abortion an offense to God Almighty and totally unacceptable, but now it's "statistically insignificant."

Yes, I am easy-going for the most part, and do see that there are different roads that may help both mother and child. But I don't understand how cutting off the road that allows for them to receive the supplies that they so desperately need, can help mother or child.

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Posted 14 Sep 2000.

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