Effective Solutions?

Excerpted from an article by Leon Jones
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Pro-abortion feminists lecture at universities about how violent men can be -- scratch that -- make that, how violent men are (as in innately). In the opinion of some pro-choice feminists, "all men are rapists and therefore the enemy". Yet some of these same women make demands to protect a man's (the abortionist's) "right" to penetrate a woman's body in what amounts to mechanical rape and kill her unborn child.

How is it that the same women who speak endlessly about how women around the world are valued less than men are shocked to find out that in places like India, out of 8,000 fetuses aborted, 7,999 were female? (1) Why are they surprised to find out that in countries like China, where there is a one-child policy, baby girls are often drowned so that a couple can try for a boy? There is no doubt that circumstances that make a woman even consider having an abortion are traumatic, to say the least. But allowing a man to enter her body and destroy her child is about as effective a solution to her problems as it is when blacks retaliate against racism by burning down their own neighborhoods.


(1) Newsweek, January 30, 1989, p 12, "In India, They Abort Females", by Jo McGowan.

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Posted 15 Sep 2000

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