JC Watts Statement on RU-486 Abortion Pill

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House Republican Conference Chairman J.C. Watts, Jr. (R.-Okla.) released the following statement on the Food & Drug Administration's decision to approve the RU-486 abortion pill:

Bill Clinton got the legacy he was looking for. On his third day in office, he issued an executive order to get the ball rolling on the approval of the abortion pill. Nearly eight years later, President Clinton got what he wanted, and the losers in his victory are women and children all across the country. This is a sad day for America.

We have no idea where the abortion pill is coming from - maybe China, maybe India. No First World nation wants to export this lethal pill to the U.S. Who is exporting this pill and what it actually contains is certainly one area Congress will look into.

The population control folks and the abortion lobby will hail this decision as a victory for women, but it is quite the opposite. Do-it-yourself abortion has no place in a civilized society. Inducing a miscarriage still means a mother has to deliver a baby. These are the morbid details the other side doesn't want you to hear.

A new Administration, I am certain, with moral leadership and a commitment to the family will reverse this Clinton-Gore decision. In the meantime, congratulations, Mr. Clinton: you never cease to amaze us in your quest to make abortion 'safe, legal and rare.

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Posted 3 Oct 2000.

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