An Unborn's Cry

by Gayla Morse
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In an instant, I was created
And began to form as humans do
In the beginning, I looked no different
Than any other, even you.
For within each tiny second of life
I began to take shape and form
My brain developed more everyday
Places were made for my feet and arms.
As I grew, although still tiny,
My hands began to move
Small fingers began to grow
That my hands would later learn to use.
My eyes were shut and I was blind
But I longed to see one day
My legs were small but were growing
For me to run and play.
My ears were but tiny holes
But in time I hoped to hear
Your voice that seems so distant
Yet, at the same time, seems very near.
I can suck my thumb for contentment
While I'm away from you
I can wriggle my toes and move around
While I'm growing inside of you.
I don't know much while tucked inside
All I do is grow and grow
It's quiet here but yet I can still feel you
And hear your heartbeat though.
Wait! I thought I heard you
A small pitched beautiful voice
How I wish that I could see you
If only I had a choice.
You see, I'm just like you
We both started out much the same
Similar cells and the growing process
Similar forming body frame
There's one more thing that I was given
While in your womb I grow
Just like you at the moment of conception
God gave me my very own soul.
I became a human in that instant
The very second I was conceived
Your love I felt by the warmth and nutrition
I quickly began to receive.
But Wait! Something is happening!
I can hardly take this pain
I'm being torn and taken from your body
And nothing seems the same
My heart is beating so much faster
For reasons I do not know
I feel cold, lost and unloved
My heart is now beating too slow.
My eyes never got the chance to open
Does this mean I'll never see you?
I can't stop this thing that is happening
And I don't know what I can do.
I have been ripped from the only life line
That kept you and I together
I fear that this is my destiny
To be away from you forever.
I have no power to change this
And I wish that this was not so
I longed to continue growing
And have an opportunity to know.
Life, as you know it well
And the beauty that one day brings
A chance to see just a glimpse of your face
And to hear your soft voice sing.
My body is now getting weaker
I can no longer feel my hands
And my brain is still too premature
For me to understand.
In an instant, I'll be gone
Just as quickly as I was made
It seems I'm returning to God's hands
The very ones from which I came.
I feel lost in my new surroundings
Still now knowing what to do
As I go, always know in your heart
That I loved you before you even knew.

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24 Feb 2001

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