First Gaze, and other poems.

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The following three poems are from the book Rhyme for all Seasons, © 1998 by John C. Sparks. Email

First Gaze

June 1996

Misty eyes behold your small glowing face,
Both fruit of the womb and seed of this man.
New hope has arrived that folds in my hand
As I gaze unchallenged by time or space!--
Such marvelous structure woven as lace,
Wee form so precise and molded to plan,
Wondrously crafted from potent white sand,
All marks of God's spirit within your vase!

Do you sense tomorrows my little one;
What duty does Designer have in store?
How will you allot your span in the sun;
Will the world be better that was before?
This father's reflection holding our son,
As he starts his journey via life's door.

Dedicated to Robert (7 Sept 1973) and Curtis (23 April 1980)

Page 46

Harvest Me Not!

Harvest me not before God's time;
His lamb still longs to grow.
Lay no hand on this spotless flesh,
My blood too young to flow.

Strike me not for playing so close,
I have no street to roam.
A child of four wants loving doors,
Safe haven, and a home!

Hide me away from angry scythe,
Fierce pain too hot to bear,
Splitting apart my sinless crown
While in my mother's care!

Cast me not in forgotten grave,
Grim story far from through!
The stage resets a million times--
Yes old, but yet quite new!

In memory of little Samantha, murdered in 1996

Page 96

Why these Lives?

August 1996

Mother aglow, newborn in hand,
Papa so proud, "We have a son"--
Joy's full season, divine the plan,
Rites of loving, his manhood won.

Honor held close, promise revered,
Cycle complete, life's touch is kept.
Infinite laughs, troubles, and tears
Fondled the bed where desire slept!

Cold steel holocaust, hot red death,
Discarded limbs, dismembered bones,
Preemie souls from wee bodies cleft,
Throw-away flesh, fatherless homes…

Thus speaks the creed in vogue today
With free-lancing studs, ghouls of pain,
Prancing thru skin, pleasure, and prey--
Trophies of war--hung without shame!

Muffled screams, betrayal by blood,
Savage horsemen, a despoiled land:
When will His wrath come as a flood
Destroying chaff--all wheat to stand!

In memory of the murdered unborn

Page 108

John is an engineer at Wright Patterson Air Force Base who writes poetry as another pastime. You can get the book from him for $6.95.

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Posted 16 Sep 2000

Copyright 1998 by John Sparks
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