A Letter From Jane Roe

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Dearest New Family,

I pray this letter finds you and yours doing very well in Christ. We are all doing well here at Operation Rescue National. I find it very hard though, to put up with the incredible oppression of Christians in today's society. They are being sued for millions of dollars for simply telling and living out the truth. They are beaten up in the media and maligned by friend and foe alike. I am learning that it has always been this way.

I am totally amazed at how all the folks here carry on the ministry without being dreadfully depressed. On several occasions I have gone out to sidewalk counsel only to return mad at the "blind" women whose minds are already made up to kill their children. Yet the folks in this office always seem to have the joy of the Lord filling their hearts. Jesus is awesome!

The abortion mill next door is doing less and less business every month. Unfortunately, the owner of the building wants to throw us out this month. Please pray for us. So many mothers have chosen life for their children because Chlistians have been close enough to share the Gospel with them. So many of the workers, including myself have been saved out of that awful place.

I come to the Operation Rescue office every day with a prayer on my lips and a song in my heart. He has made me brand new and I pray that the rest of my life will be a "thank you" to him for all He has done. I love you all. Please keep me in you prayers.

Your New Sister in Christ,

Miss Norma

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Posted 12 Sep 2000.

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