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In a recent "Dear Abby" letter, the letter writer says, "I thought of [Planned Parenthood] as mostly performing abortions. I recently learned how wrong I was ..." and goes on to describe a pregnant friend visting Planned Parenthood and being given advice that led her not to get an abortion. Abby enthusiastically replies that "due to hysteria and misinformation, Planned Parenthood's mission ... is sometimes misunderstood", for they provide "many low-cost, high-quality health care services."

But according to Planned Parenthood's own Internet Web site, in 1996 (the last year that they give statistics for) Planned Parenthood performed 153,367 abortions. Apparently this isn't enough, because they referred women to other abortionists for 54,207 more. By comparison, they do no adoptions themselves and report referring only 6,274 women to adoption agencis. Oh, and they provided 14,292 women with pre-natal care, and a whopping 635 people with help for infertility.

Planned Parenthood is the nation's leading lobbyist fighting any restrictions on abortion -- they even fought the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban, which would have made it illegal to kill a baby who is in the process of being born, with her head still in the birth canal.

Planned Parenthood is "mostly performing abortions". For every child they helped toward adoption, they performed or arranged 33 abortions. For every child they helped with prenatal care, they killed 11. This is not "hysteria and misinformation" -- not unless Planned Parenthood is claiming that the information that they publish on their own Web site is hysteria and misinformation. They provide some token help to people who want their babies to continue living so they can claim they provide "many low-cost, high-quality health care services." But their real love and joy is destroying unborn babies.

It's interesting that despite the fact that Planned Parenthood is the largest provider of abortions in the United States, they and their friends find it necessary to insist that this is not really what they are "mostly" about. We would surely be puzzled if the largest chain of grocery stores in the country were to insist that it was not really in the food business, or if the biggest auto maker spoke loudly of how they didn't really make that many cars. Could it be that even Planned Parenthood realizes that abortion is wrong? If they'er not ashamed of what they do, why cover it up?

It's interesting to list their "services" in order from most affirming of childbirth to least affirming of childbirth. That gives the following interesting chart:

Service Performed Referred
Infertility 635 1,732
Adoption 0 6,274
Pre-natal care 14,292 80,870
Sterilization -- male 2,595 1,916
Sterilization -- femaile 616 4,049
Abortion 153,367 54,207

Notice that the clear trend is that the less life-affirming something is, the more Planned Parenthood does it.

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Posted 12 Sep 2000.

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