Union Strives to Put Its Own Members Out of Work

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I don't think you'll be seeing any of those headlines any time soon. And surely the reason is obvious: No union is likely to back policies which could, by even the remotest stretch of the imagination, endanger the jobs of their own members. That's just common sense, right?

Apparently not. The National Education Association, the United State's largest teachers' union, is pro-abortion. Every abortion means that about five years later, there will be one less child entering kindergarten. And for every twenty or so fewer kids in school, there is one less teaching job.

Since 1973, there have been 33 million abortions in the United States. While some of those children would not yet be entering school and some would already have graduated, about 18 million of them would be in K through 12 today. Since 1973 the number of children in U.S. schools has dropped from over 50 million to under 47 million. (It hit a low of 45 million in the mid-1980's.) Teaching jobs have been preserved by having fewer students for each teacher, but there are limits to how far this can go.

Even if we still had the old class sizes, where there were over 25 students per teacher, 18 million fewer children means 720,000 fewer teachers.

20 abortions = 1 unemployed teacher

The NEA replies that they are not "pro-abortion". We examine that statement in another article.

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Posted 12 Sep 2000.

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