The Michael Fund

A Pro-life Alternative to the March of Dimes

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The Michael Fund, based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is an organization dedicated to intertwining scientific research for the prevention of genetic defects and the pro-life philosophy.

The Michael Fund was established to be an international spokesman of primary influence in stemming and reversing the tide of eugenic abortion of 'defective' unborn children as well as the de facto and deliberate euthanasia of defective children and adults.

The Michael Fund:

  1. raises money for research -- basic and applied -- on chromosomal causes and enzymatic therapy in Trisomy 21, the most common and non-inherited form of Down's syndrome;
  2. works to accomplish a research breakthrough that will lead to a cure or elimination of the causes of genetic birth disorders;
  3. makes its research findings available to any others conducting similar research in related areas;
  4. creates awareness of the benefits to the family and community brought as a result of rearing a disabled child and enabling him or her to achieve maximum development of his or her potential in society;
  5. advocates and encourages efforts to improve the care, treatment, education, evaluation, and habilitation of defective children and adults, to the benefit of their families and communities: and
  6. enlists support for the objectives of the Michael Fund from professionals and advocates who work in this field.

The Michael Fund
500 A Garden City Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15146

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Posted 12 Sep 2000.

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