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This page is a collection of links to pro-life or otherwise relevant web sites referred to us by visitors. The fact that a site is included on this list does not necessarily mean that we agree with everything said there, that we certify the accuracy of any information, or that we accept any responsibility for the views expressed. In some cases we disagree strongly with what the authors of these sites say, but we believe that truth is best served by full and free debate.

Note: As you may have noticed, we're getting a lot of spam attacks on this page, people using the "add yourself" feature to add highly irrelevant -- and often downright disgusting -- entries. We're implementing some features to try to slow this down. If that doesn't work, we'll have to shut this page down and the vandals will have won one. If you added an entry you believe relevant and we deleted it, just add it again. I've been deleting hundreds of spam entries and I may have gotten a couple of real ones by mistake.



Pro-Life Plus

Organizations which are pro-life but also take stands on other issues.

Sources of Pro-Life Stuff

Places that sell pro-life books, bumper stickers, etc.

Helping Women Organizations




Parties, candidates, and discussion about them.

Health and Dieting

Nursing and Medical

Careers, training, professional organizations


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We reserve the right to remove links which we consider inappropriate.

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