Aborted Women: In Their Own Words

Needed Someone to be There For Me

by J. B.
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I had my abortion on Valentine's Day. Some V-day gift, huh. I found out that I was pregnant early on -- I was only three weeks pregnant when I found out. I was miserable and 20 years old. I was away at college when I found out and I had broken up with my boyfriend the week before. I was so scared to tell him -- I thought he would totally hate me and blame me. I finally told him and he was actually supportive, in a way. I knew I was not ready for a baby or to be attached to him for a lifetime. So we decided to have an abortion. I am still mixed on the decision. My boyfriend was not supportive. He didn't come to help me at all; he deposited the money in my account and I was totally alone from there on out. I drove myself to the appointment and suffered alone.

I thought things would be better between the two of us for some reason. I was never so wrong. I cannot even see my ex without crying or becoming irrational. I needed someone to be there for me and to cope with me. He has never even spoken the word "abortion." Not only that, but he won't acknowlege that any of this has occurred or what I have gone through by myself. I had two friends to help me with my ordeal but the real person I needed was my boyfriend. My friends were great, but they weren't really in the process. I was the only one that really went through everything; even he wasn't a true part of it.

This website has been amazing to me. I have totally relied on these true stories. I am not a pro-life/pro-choice adovocate by any means. I am no person to judge a situation. I wish I had come across this site earlier, though, because I had no idea of how hard things would have been for me.

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Posted 12 Sep 2000.

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