Aborted Women: In Their Own Words

Didn't Want to be Laughed At

by Irene C.
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I wept non-stop as I read the stories by the moms who has the same feelings and experience as I.

I am not young -- old enough to be a mom. (I'm in my twenties.) A month ago, I realised that I was pregnant and became hysterical. I made that choice: that very choice which left me a murderer for the rest of my life. Just because I do not want to be laughed at ... I made a decision which ruined my life.

My boyfriend and I broke off before we found out I was pregnant. I was already in my fifth month. You might think that ridiculous but my cycle was not regular.

After the whole incident, I did not sleep well and until now I feel real bad about it. Somehow I wanted to tell myself that it's for the good of the child becaus I'm returning him or her to God, but God has placed the child here for a purpose and I just took it away within minutes.

As i looked at how the child was being taken out from my womb, I really cried. It's a human! One innocent child, all formed already.

I thank God that he has given me strength to live on. But the guilt will never be erased.

Mothers ... DO NOT COMMIT MURDER. For the child is innocent. We should not be so selfish to take the child's right to live.

My child ... Forgive mummy for I have been very selfish. If I have another chance, I will live on and give birth plus take care of you. Though I have never seen you, you are always in my heart and I know that you will stay in my memory forever. And I am so sorry, I just want you to know that I think of you all the time and I know God is taking good care of you.

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Posted 12 Sep 2000.

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