Aborted Women: In Their Own Words

Wouldn't trade either of them

by Beth Pounds

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My name is Beth Pounds. I hope my story may be a help to women who are thinking of having an abortion. Contact me at anytime. I have a story to tell of a miracle. While I did not suffer through the "actually" pain of an abortion, I was in the type of situation which often ends in abortion and I went throught the emotional turmoil of making this decision. This may or may not help anyone, but I sure hope that it does.

I was 17 years old when I got pregnant. Three months into my Senior year of high school, the "best time of your life" year! I did the same thing most teenagers do at that age ... I went to a party and I got drunk. I ended up sleeping with a guy who lied to me about wearing protection. At the time I was also sexually active with my boyfriend -- we had been together for almost a year. He was the only one I was sexually active with until the "one night" at that party.

I soon found out that I was pregnant. Thinking all along that it was my boyfriend's child, I told him. He had promised to go with me to the "clinic" for a pregnancy test but when I came to pick him up he wasn't there. I went with a friend. I was sure that I could have the test that day, and at that point I knew if I was pregnant I was going to keep my child. I ended up not having the test and then later telling my Mom that I thought I may be pregnant. My Dad would not speak to me. I went later to the clinic, where I asked my Mom to come in with me for the test. It was positive. I fell to the floor in tears. "What am I going to do? My life is over." The very first (I want to make this very clear) option they gave me was abortion! I was mortified. I knew that it was wrong, I had tried to protest it but I was too young. I told the woman that I was not interested in abortion at all. She did respect my decision and I left.

The following days became harder: the decisions to make about doctors, and what would I do for insurance? I had two afterschool jobs, but nowhere near enough money to have a child. I had the support of my family, thank the LORD. I found everything I needed. But I remember being in the car with my Mom and thinking that this could all be over if I just had an abortion. I knew in my heart of hearts that it was wrong, but I had my whole life ahead of me, and I could have that all back within a few days. But I knew it was wrong, my Mom always told me it was wrong, but there she sat telling me that if I decided to, that she would take me. I made my decision, I said NO. I knew that it was murder and thank the LORD, I had a Health teacher that told us what they did to aborted children and how awful it was. I said NO, I was having my baby.

In June of 1996, I delivered a very healthy baby boy. His name is Elijah Daniel. He is my pride, my strength, my courage, my life. I was without any help from the father of my son, so we did it together, with the loving care, help and support of my wonderful family. Later I met my husband and now we have a 5 month old son, Keegan Michael, also. Elijah is now 2 years old, almost 3. The time goes fast. And I wouldn't trade either of them for anything in the whole world.

I hope to help some teenageer or any woman in a "crisis" pregnancy. My e-mail address is lbs@ala.net. If anyone who reads this would like to talk to me about my story or the facts that I know now about abortion, please feel free to e-mail me. I want to help in every way that I can.

In memory of all little ones who die,
Beth L. Pounds

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Posted 12 Sep 2000.

Copyright 1999 by Beth Pounds. Used with permission.
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