Aborted Women: In Their Own Words

I wish my sister would forgive herself

by Michelle
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This story is very different from most of the stories on this site. This story is about my sister.

She was 17 when she got pregnant. The guy was 21 and a real jerk. When she told him she was pregnant he told her that if she didn't have an abortion he would leave her. (Big deal -- he was a jerk.) She told him she wouldn't do that to her baby. He left but still kept bugging her to abort the baby. She went to her doctor appointments, had her ultrasound, and seemed to be doing ok. If only I had known what was going on.

He had a new girlfriend who was just totally threating the [...] out of my sister. Telling her she was going to beat her up is she didn't go and abort the baby and why did she want to ruin his life, he wasn't with her and having the baby wasn't going to bring them back together. On October 12, 2003 my sister told us that she had gone to the aobrtion clinic and had the seaweed bars placed in her cervix and she was having the abortion the next day. She was 18 weeks pregnant and there was no turning back now. All I could do was hold her as she bawled her eyes out. She was a total basket case.

On October 13 she had the abortion. That day was one of the worst days of her life. Since then she has alienated herself from the family. She moved out and started stripping and got into drugs. We never see her. She won't come around me because I have two kids and she was there for both of their births. It is probably really hard for her to be around them. I wish she would forgive herself and heal. We are all healing still.

The baby would have been three months old right now and I wish I could have held her, but with the emotions my sister is going through right now I wish that I could hold her. The baby is with God but my sister is still here and she needs to heal. I wish she would let us help.

To anyone thinking about having an abortion, please think long and hard about it. Make sure you will be able to handle the after-emotions you will feel.

This is dedicated to my unborn niece whom I love and will never forget. With all my love little one, Aunt Michelle will always love you and never forget you. If this page saves one baby, you didn't die in vain. I love you, Taylor. And always remember your mom loved you too and she always will. Please forgive her.

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Posted 24 May 2004.

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