Aborted Women: In Their Own Words

Life Goes On

by Julie T

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My story begins during the first semester of my senior year in college. I had been dating my boyfriend almost 2 months, but we had know each other for almost a year. During the stressful time of midterms we lost our self-control and had sex. To this day, it has been the only time I have ever had sex. I panicked when I realized it probably wasn't the best time in the month to have unprotected sex and I rushed out to get the morning after pill. Thinking I was in the clear, I proceeded with the next few weeks as normal with the exception that my relationship with my boyfriend was going downhill and we eventually broke up.

I was concerned when my period wasn't normal so I took a pregnancy test just to make sure that I wasn't pregnant. It turned out I was. I spent the next few weeks crying, soul searching, and speaking with dozens of counselors. Everyday I wished I would have a miscarriage. I knew that if I had the baby it would ruin my life and I didn't think I deserved that for making one horrible mistake. I was angry at myself, my ex-boyfriend, and God for the situation I was in. I was so angry that I was miserable and depressed. I felt that having an abortion was the best and only option.

Soon there after I had the abortion and I got my life back on track. I was immediately relieved and my depression faded away. I am grateful to live in a world where a woman has the right to terminate an unwanted pregnancy. Sure there are times that I have mild regrets, but I know in my heart that I did the right thing.

If you are reading this and don't know what to do about a pregnancy, make sure you weigh your options and pick the one you know is right. Don't allow others to influence your decision, for it is yours and only you can make the right one. Just know that there is one woman out there who had an abortion and it didn't turn out to be a horror story.

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Posted 22 Jan 2002.

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