Aborted Women: In Their Own Words

A Positive Story

by K C

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I would like to share a positive (if you can call it that) story about abortion.

Less than a month ago my husband and I made the very difficult decision to terminate our pregnancy. We've been married for 7 years and have a healthy 3 year old son. Being over 35 (36), the doctor talked to me about the higher risks involved because of my age and suggested an amniocentises. I told her that I would prefer to take the usual AFP blood test and the level 2 ultrasound, and if those results were good, then I would forego the amnio.

Well the AFP test came back with a higher risk for Downs Syndrome, so I decided to have the amnio. I took the amnio not ever thinking that our baby would be the one to have Downs Syndrome. I was wrong. The test showed positive for DS - and the test is more than 99% accurate. What the test cannot show is if the DS is mild, moderate or severe. My husband and I thought long and hard about this, and after many tears decided that termination would be the best choice for our family.

Even though I know that we made the right choice for us, it will hurt me everyday about our baby. But I know in my heart that a lifetime of possible suffering was not a good option for her either. That is why I have always been and will always be pro-choice. However, i have to say that because the hospital was booked I had to have my D&E at a clinic. Every seat was taken by a young girl (in her 20's). I felt so sad knowing that these unwanted pregnancies could have so easily been prevented.

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Posted 24 Sep 2001.

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