Aborted Women: In Their Own Words

Don't want to lose either one

by Jem
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I am currently 6 weeks pregnant and do not want to have an abortion. I would not even think of it but my boyfriend of nine months thinks it will ruin us. He has a 2-year-old son with another woman and they split up a year and a half after his birth. I am now worried that I will never have the opportunity to hold or even carry my own child. My boyfriend says that he is not committing himself to this and he is not prepared for a 'life sentence". I do not want to loose him and I cant but I don't think that I can abort my baby. I am calling him Cody (I know it will be a boy) and he will be perfect. But I don't want to do it alone, especially without Michael (my partner).

I know that it will be hard to go through with an abortion but every night I lay there dreading losing my man. I also dread losing my child. What if I have the abortion and become depressed and Michael decides to leave me anyway? That would be the worst thing ever. I hope everybody who went through with an abortion will be strong enough to say they were wrong or right. I know that if I abort my baby, I will be doing it for the wrong reasons. I hope you all read this and know not to fall into the same path as I have already done as there is no going back for me.

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Posted 9 Jun 2005.

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