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Didn't want anything to interfere with my prospects

by "Janed"
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I found your website quite by accident and would like to share my 'abortion' story.

When I was in my last semester of college I discovered that despite my best efforts to protect myself, I had become pregnant. I was only 2 weeks pregnant but I already had begun experiencing severe morning sickness and lassitude. I wanted to schedule an abortion right away, but was informed by the University Health Services that I needed to wait until I was 5 weeks into the pregnancy for the abortion to be effective. I had excellent grades in college and was hoping to attend graduate school the next fall. I had already obtained admission to grad school and a graduate fellowship that would pay my way through school until I earned a Ph.D. I did not want anything to interfere with this prospect. My boyfriend at the time was an older man who already had children of his own. He did not want to begin another family.

Over the next several weeks the morning sickness became much worse. I had trouble attending my classes. I only wanted to sleep. I couldn't wait for the "big day" to arrive. On the day, my boyfriend drove me to a local doctor's office. I spoke with the doctor and confirmed my decision to go through with the abortion. The abortion itself took no more than 15 minutes. I was not given any sedatives or anesthesia. Although it was physically uncomfortable, it was no worse than the worst cramps I'd had with my menstrual period. Within an hour after the procedure I felt great. My energy had returned and I didn't feel nauseous. A new world awaited.

I am extremely happy and confident in the wise decision I made. My boyfriend turned out to be a real loser, with problems of his own that would have prevented him from being a suitable parent. No wonder he was divorced! (If you get anything out of this let it be a word of caution about getting involved with divorced men ... there's a reason they are single.) I did go on to grad school and now have a job I love doing research and teaching at a local community college. I make a difference in my students' lives by providing them with a valuable education that will help them lead better lives.

I married a wonderful man the same year I received my Ph.D. and we have two perfect children who are the focal point of my life. What a different outcome if I'd had a baby at 17 and didn't finish college! Maybe I'd be working at some low-wage drudge job. I'd probably be a single parent (remember the boyfriend was a loser), and my children would not have the economic or educational opportunities I can provide for them now.

If my teen-aged daughter were to become pregnant I would share this story with her. Although I would support any decision she were to make, I'd hope she'd have the self-esteem and be secure enough in my support and love to shut out the distracting voices and act in her own best interest by opting for an abortion. Childbirth and childrearing can wait (and should wait ... single teenaged moms are not truly able to provide the best for their children). If doctors are practiced and free to apply their skills, abortion within the first trimester is safe and effective. There is no reason to throw your life away because you made one bad decision, or had one accident. It's your body and YOUR life. Keep abortion safe and legal!

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Posted 9 Jun 2005.

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