Aborted Women: In Their Own Words

He wasn't just a "thing"

by Jamie C
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On April 22, 1992 at Dr Martin Haskell's office in Dayton, Ohio I ended the life of my unborn child. I wrote this in hopes that someday he or anyone else that reads my story will change their view on abortion. It has now been 12 years, 11 months and 4 days sense I took the life of my baby. Here is my story.

While at this time I am 27 years old, I had an abortion when I was 14. (Thatís a story in itself.) Abortion just destroys a ďthingĒ. Well, thatís the lie they tell you. They took the one thing from me that I can never get back: they took my child, a part of me. How can they refer to him as just a ďthingĒ? It has changed every aspect of my life, from trying to determine whether I should have the right to live to questioning my religious beliefs. I canít explain the bond between mother and child, especially sense I never held my son. I never saw him smile or say Mommy I love you. I never saw him walk and I took that away from him. I will forever have to remember that I took a life that day. I am still not sure to this day if my little angel can forgive me or even if I have the right to ask for forgiveness.

Today I have three beautiful little girls. Watching them grow I canít help but wonder, What if my little one were here? What would he look like? Now I am having to live my life every day in pain, crying constantly, not being able to be there for my daughters as a mother should.

In conclusion, they canít tell me that this was just a ďthingĒ. He was a human. My child a part of me and even though he isnít here with me I will hold him in my heart forever.

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Posted 9 Jun 2005.

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