Aborted Women:
In Their Own Words

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These are stories of women's experiences with abortion, in their own words. If you would like to share your experience, please read Will you share your abortion story?.

For more information, see About these abortion stories.

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We post almost every story we receive. The people who run this web site make no secret of the fact that we are strongly pro-life. Some of our friends have therefore questioned why we post pro-abortion stories. Our reply is that we believe that the truth is best found from hearing both sides of the story. If we only posted anti-abortion stories, not only would we be open to the obvious charge of bias, but there would then be no perspective, no way to say whether the anti-abortion stories were typical or represented a small minority of women with negative experiences.

We present these stories without editorial comment. We do not applaud those we agree with or criticize those we disagree with. Even when stories openly attack our side or make statements that we believe to be inaccurate, we do not offer any rebuttal. If we did this, it might discourage those we disagree with from submitting their stories, and thus upset the balance. Note that an implication of this is that we explicitly do not vouch for the accuracy of any statements made in these stories.

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Updated Aug 25, 2012

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