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June 16, 2003 (day after Fathers Day): I took a pregnancy test and found out that I was pregnant! How could that be? I was only 16 and my boyfriend and I had only been together for 9 months and had just recently started having sex! We were always careful! ALWAYS!! I didn't know much about abortions (except that it was the easy way out ... so I had heard) so that was my first instinct ... don't tell mom and dad, just get my boyfriend to take me to the clinic and then forget all about it. So I called and made the appointment ... two weeks away! I started doing some research on abortion. Wow ... a lot of pros and cons! I took the negative things of abortion lightly and figured what the heck! I have many more years to come to have a baby ... I sure didn't want one now!!

I had scheduled the appointment on a Saturday so I wouldn't have to miss school. At 10:30 that saturday morning, July 5, we left and went to the clinic. There were about 20 people standing outside the building with signs and screaming something. We parked and got out ... walked up the sidewalk ... that's when i read the signs, "ABORTION IS MURDER" and "YOUR GOING TO HELL" and heard the protestors screaming, "YOU'RE A MURDERER" and "HOW COULD YOU DO THIS ... THERE IS A HUMAN BEING INSIDE YOU ... HOW COULD KILL SOMETHING SO PRECIOUS"!!! And then it hit me, I can't possibly do this. I just can't do it! So i walked in the door to tell them to cancel my appointment. My boyfriend just looked at me! I could see the tears in his eyes. We hugged and he whispered to me everything is going to be alright now. We walked out of there crying. A lady walked up from the group of protestors and said to me "You made the right decision, this is why we stand here every saturday morning." I hugged her and thanked her.

When we got back into the car i told my boyfriend that I couldn't believe I was going to actually go through with the abortion. How could i do that? I hated myself for thinking this was what I had wanted to do ... I hated that I almost went into that clinic and killed this baby ... this precious gift that God had blessed me with. It was obviously meant for me to have this baby! I am thankful that those protestors were standing outside that clinic on that Saturday, or I would have lost my baby that day!

Now i have an 11-month-old little girl and I thank God for her every day. And you know what ... just like my boyfriend told me ... everything is alright now. I am sending this because I want every girl out there that reads this and is thinking about having an abortion ... God sent you that baby for a reason and you may not know what the reason is now ... you will! PLEASE PLEASE think long and hard about your decision of aborting that baby!

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Posted 13 Feb 2005.

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