Aborted Women: In Their Own Words

God sent this baby for a reason

by Ashley
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My name is Ashley and I am sixteen years old and six months pregnant. I found out when I was eight weeks and even though I know that now is not the best time for me to be having a baby I also know that it wouldn't have happened this way if it wasn't meant to be.

I've been with my boyfriend for two years and we had only been having sex for three months when I got pregnant. I suspected that I was pregnant but since I never had regular periods I thought it could just be the flu. My mom and I went to the doctor to see why I had been getting sick, and well, I didn't have the flu! The doctor made me wait in the room for ten minutes (which felt like an hour) waiting to hear what was wrong. I was so nervous I was shaking. It was bad. When the doctor came in he asked me if I was sexually active and I was like oh damn! I was a little relieved to have it out in the open but I was also feeling a little bit of disbelief.

When the doctor told my mom she just cried. I mean for a while she sat there and didn't say a word. I felt so low. I hurt my mom so much after she had trusted me for so long. But then again I couldn't stop thinking about the fact that there was a little innocent baby inside me and right from the second the doctor told me I felt an instant bond with the baby and loved him unconditionally. For me that was weird because I never really cared about anything but my boyfriend. I was a pretty selfish person then, but that all changed.

That night my mom went home and told my dad. My dad has been really strict on me about boys so I couldn't even imagine his reaction. It was bad, I mean really bad. For a month after he knew it was like total hell at my house. He wanted me to have an abortion in the beggining. I remember him asking me, You don't think your gonna have this baby do you? I said no I know I'm gonna have this baby. I am 100% pro-life! Well actually I can't say 100% because there are situations where abortion can be necessary but the reason I hate it so much is because it's an easy way out for irresponsible people. I think that the girls who have abortions and say they dont regret it just don't really know enough about it.

I read a story on this site that really upset me because the girl was just so casual about the whole thing and I can't see how someone can take such a serious thing so lightly. She said that pro-lifers talked about how abortion is tearing a baby apart but when she saw her baby on the ultrasound it was just a bunch of cells. Well that's because she had a first trimester abortion. A second trimester abortion really is ripping a baby's limbs off. It is murder! Without a doubt! I believe abortion is wrong and I honestly can say that my heart goes out to all the girls who have had them because they will never know that baby they selfishly chose to abort, that baby will never get a chance at life because their own mother cheated them of that chance! If you weren't ready to have a baby then you wouldn't have got pregnant. I think God gave each of the mothers a baby for a reason. I know that there is a good reason for me. But there is no good reason to have an abortion. It isn't fair!

Now that I'm six months pregnant with a little boy and I'm still happy and with the baby's father I know that I made the right decision for not only myself but for my baby as well. I hope that I havent offended anyone but I too have a right to my opinion like you all have a right to yours.

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Posted 22 Jul 2004.

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