Euthanasia in the Netherlands

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Patients Euthanized, 1990

Active Euthanasia Physician-Assisted Suicide Morphine Overdoses Intended to Terminate Life Total
With Patient's Consent 2,300 400 3,159 5,859
Without Patient's Consent 1,000 4,941 5,941
Total 3,300 400 8,100 11,800

Total population (1991) 15,022,000
Total deaths (1991) 135,200
Euthanasia deaths 11,800
Euthanasia as percent of total deaths 9%


Medische Beslissingen Roknd Het Levenseinde: Rapport van de Commissie Onderzoek Medische Praktijk inzake Euthanasie (Medical Decisions About the End of Life: Report of the Committee to Investigate the Medical Practice Concerning Euthanasia) The Hague, 1991

1993 World Almanac and Book of Facts, New York, 1992

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Posted 16 Sep 2000.

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