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5 June 1995

Garbage men found the baby's dead body while cycling the trash in the back of their garbage truck. At first they thought it was a doll.

The baby had apparently been dumped immediately after he was born: the umbilical cord was still attached. There was no way to know where he had been dumped. It could have been almost anywhere along the truck's route.

Unidentified and unclaimed bodies in New York City are normally buried in a mass grave with just a "plot number" for identification. The missing persons detective assigned to the case, Al Pignataro, couldn't bear to see this baby's life pass so quickly without his even being given a name. He managed to have himself declared the baby's legal guardian so he would have the authority to name him and bury him. In the casket he put a stuffed animal and a toy car, and his five-year-old son gave a plastic bunny he had gotten for easter and stuffed it with some crayons. The funeral was attended by Pignataro, a local priest, and someone from the funeral home.

Source: National Right to Life News, 22 Aug 1995.

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Posted 10 Sep 2000.

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