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The following is a transcript of a document prepared by Jack Kevorkian describing a death in which he was involved. Some notes and comments follow.


PATIENT: Hugh E. GaleDate: 12 Feb. 1993Start time: 9:20 am
Site: 17852 Delaware, Roseville, MI 48066
Persons Present: (Name)(Relationship)(Signature)
Cheryl Gale Wife
Neal Nicol Tech-Asst.
Marge Janus Tech-Asst.
Official Observer: N/A (Signature)

Procedure: Patient placed plastic mask over nose and mouth, elastic band around head. A plastic tent was put over his head and shoulders, lid at top open. The patient then pulled a string tied to his left index finger, other end attached to a clip, which was pulled off a crimped plastic tube, opening it from the outlet valve of a canister of CO gas to the mask. In about 45 seconds the patient became flushed, agitated, breathing deeply, saying "Take it off!" The tent was removed immediately, the mask removed, and nasal oxygen started. He remained conscious and oriented, and within a minute calmed down to his normal breathing pattern. he was more relaxed and a bit somnolent, but awake and oriented. The patient wanted to continue. After about 20 minutes, with nasal oxygen continuing, the mask was replaced over his nose and mouth and he again pulled the clip off the crimped tubing. In about 30-35 seconds he again flushed, became agitated with moderate hyperpnea; and immediately after saying "Take it off!" once again, he fell into unconsciousness. The mask was then left in place. Hyperpnea continued for about 35-40 seconds, after which a slower and calmer breathing pattern ensued, lasting about 8 minutes, gradually diminishing in rate and intensity. Heartbeat was undetectable about 3 minutes after last breath.
Observer's Remarks: N/A
End Time: 9:55 am
Obitiatrist: J. Kevorkian, MD (signature)


Note that this document was prepared and signed by Mr Kevorkian himself. He apparently keeps careful records of all deaths in which he is involved. You may also see a scanned copy of the original document in Adobe PDF format. (If you do not have a PDF viewer, you can download one for free (good price!) from Adobe's website.)

The "Zone 1" at the top is apparently a reference to Mr Kevorkian's proposal that 12 suicide "zones" be established in Michigan with a suicide center in each "for all who need and desire it". [See Prescription: Medicide, Jack Kevorkian, Prometheus Books, 1991, p 201.]

Read the end of the "procedure" section carefully. By Mr Kevorkian's own testimony, Mr Gale called for him to stop the "procedure" just before losing consciousness, but he continued anyway.

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Posted 9 Sep 2000.

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