Eating Our Young On A Full Stomach

Truth About Taxpayer Funded Embryonic Stem Cell Research

by Dennis M. Stewart
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1. In 1900 the average life span in the United States was forty-seven. Today it's seventy-seven. That's a gain of 30 years or more than 60 percent in only 1 century – and much of it in the later half of the century. This change in life expectancy is greater than the gain seen during the previous five thousand years.

2. All of this progress – scientific and otherwise and the unparalleled momentum it created – occurred without the need to harvest and cannibalize our young, depriving those holy innocents from their chance in the race for life in order to enrich, prolong or cure the lives of those who already had their imperfect yet unfettered chance.

3. The first principle in the Code Of Ethics For Government established and passed by Congress on July 11, 1958 states:

"Any person in Government service should put loyalty to the highest moral principles and to country above loyalty to Government persons, party or department."1

Moral is defined as:

Pertaining to or concerned with right conduct or its principles ... conforming to those principles rather than to law, custom etc: a moral obligation ... not immoral or amoral ... virtuous in sexual matters: chaste ... principles or habits with respect to right or wrong conduct ... upright, honest, virtuous, honorable ... standards ... involves high standards of honest and honorable dealing, and of methods used especially in the professions or in business: ethics of the medical profession."2

This definition screams out for universal standards and unflinching boundaries that should supersede and give credence to this country's federal and state laws. Destroying an innocent, defenseless and voiceless "little one" (fetus is a word derived from a Latin word which means "little one" – not little thing. Therefore, embryo means "littlest one" – not littlest thing) does not comport with the "highest moral principles" since every embryo at the instant of conception is a genetically complete human being. If such a premeditated destruction does comport with the highest moral principles, then there is no such thing as morals or principles!

4. Potential life resides in the gametes of fertile males and females. When such gametes successfully unite, a new human existence begins. This is an immutable and irrefutable scientific and moral truth. When a pregnancy occurs, both parents have a duty to protect (like they were) versus kill the new life. We were all once embryos and fetuses. We were faithfully and fervently protected as we should have been because we were completely innocent, defenseless and voiceless. We have the inherent right and responsibility to protect those who come after us in like kind. Every real American should be angered to action by this country's preoccupation with picking on those "little ones" who can't possibly protect themselves, fight back or escape.

5. Moreover, embryonic stem cell research has proven: a) unworkable (an entire article could be dedicated to ESC unworkabilities); b) the cause of destructive autoimmune rejections and deadly cancers; c) unnecessary – not only because of its unknown and unknowable dangers - but even more pragmatically because non-embryonic adult stem cell research (largely absent the drawbacks that bedevil ESC's) has already proven at least as effective and efficacious in potential cures for the diseases that the unproven and dangerous embryonic stem cell research is being touted and trumpeted. "Until the tumor issue is satisfactorily resolved Embryonic Stem Cell therapy will remain unfit for human use. This could doom ESC's from ever becoming a viable or widely available medical treatment." 3 With E.S.C.R. we have more of an apparent hoax than an actual hope. The American College Of Pediatricians has called for its cessation stating that not only does embryonic research require taking the lives of human embryos, it also prolongs needless suffering by delaying the development of more promising adult stem cell treatments and cures.

6. Embryonic stem cell research -- which results in the purposeful destruction of a human being -- is in ever increasing numbers being exposed and repudiated as bogus and fallacious. Still, the House voted to fund such research in January, 2007 and the Senate responded in April, 2007 by passing the embryonic stem cell (taxpayer funded) bill. Thankfully, we have a president of character, courage and conviction on matters of "life" who vetoed this foolishness in June, 2007. Where have some in our Congress been? What have they been doing? With whom have they been doing it? Why have such truths been overlooked, ignored, forgotten, or concealed from view? Why their lemming-like leaps and ridiculous rushes to judgement into the wrong and wasteful underworld of taxpayer funded embryonic stem cell research?

7. In the main and aside from the intentionally deceptive and duplicitous situation in Missouri, embryonic stem cell research has received few private venture capital investments while non-embryonic adult stem cell research like: Stem Cells from the eye; nasal glands; bone marrow; spleen; brain; fat; hair follicles; cadavers. . . Placenta Stem Cells; Umbilical Cord Blood Stem Cells; Dental Pulp Stem Cells (from baby teeth); Amniotic Fluid Stem Cells et al have and are receiving significant private venture capital investments. "At the University of Pennsylvania Dr. George XU has discovered a new type of adult stem cell that can be harvested from human hair follicles. This discovery has attracted venture capitalists."4 "MIT professor Dr. James Sherley has 15 patents pending for his technique of multiplying adult stem cells."5 "Researchers at Wake Forest and Harvard announced that a huge source of stem cells have been found from amniotic fluid donated by pregnant mothers, including brain, liver and bone. Extraction does not affect the mother or child."6 Wall Street is alive with companies generating profits from legitimate, ethical and moral non-embryonic stem cell research. These safe non-fairy tale research processes will favorably impact on diseases like: Lupus, Multiple Sclerosis, Spinal Cord Injuries, Corneal Scarings, Strokes, Heart Muscle Rejuvenations, Parkinsons, Alzheimers, Skin Graftings and others. In April, 2007 the AMA reports a possible cure for Diabetes 1 using adult stem cells from cadavers. On such a full stomach, why are some so obsessed and possessed with the Gluttony of Eating Our Young?

8. Scientists aren't Gods. Neither are doctors, lawyers and politicians. Scientists don't have all the answers (obviously as proven by the recently oft-cited embryonic stem cell efficacy repudiations) because they don't and will never have all the questions. Doctors, lawyers, judges and politicians are equally fallible. Moreover, they often times seem to snicker and sneer at the divine law; the natural law; the moral law which should always be the foundation stones and the overarching judiciary of mankind's laws and the ultimate governance over mankind's behaviors and actions. Trashing the laws of God with impudence ultimately results in calamities and catastrophies!

9. These are the same scientists who initially assured interested parties that the 22 embryonic stem cell lines first approved would be enough to determine the merits of ESCR. Now, that's not enough. Just like wasteful government spending. More! More! More! This time more is absolutely unacceptable because it will very likely mean never ending harvestings and cannibalizations of "little one's" provided by the poor; enjoyed by the rich; and funded by many unwilling taxpayers who will end up being forced to pay for wasteful embryo research farms to create the inhabitants of the new American slaughter houses. As per the Philadelphia Inquirer on January 12, 2007 ... representative Robert Wicker (R., MS.) summed it up nicely by saying: "Passage would lead to a slippery slope. Before long scientists would routinely be creating human embryos for the express purpose of killing those embryos for research."7 Why not, they'll be getting paid by a ghoulish government which is funded by the used, abused and forgetful American taxpayer. I wonder how long it is going to be before someone educates and unionizes the American taxpayer so that they'll strike until the Government forever takes its ravenous hand out of our pockets?

Why don't these scientists explain the raft of findings discrediting embryonic stem cell research? Is it because they'll be out of a massive payday? Why are politicians so easily fooled or morally corrupted when it comes to spending taxpayer money? How many of these fairy-tale prone embryonic stem cell scientists work for or are affiliated with Biotech Companies; Universities; and Special Interest Groups that would benefit (significantly at taxpayers expense) from Federal Grants? How many of these Biotech Companies; Universities and Special Interest Groups have contributed to or have pledged to contribute to the campaigns and/or political parties of respective politicians and how does such behavior (if it exists) comport with the first principle in the Code Of Ethics For Government previously cited. I wonder how long it will take before moral and logical America secedes from immoral and illogical America to create a cleansed and corrected government?

10. Cannibalizing the life of an embryo is only possible because it is any easy extension from the American Abortion Abomination which kills (through suction grindings; dismemberments; disembowelments; decapitations; poisonings; scaldings; et al) 4,043 innocent, defenseless and voiceless "little-one's" each day; 1,475,956 each year; and over 50,182,504 (and counting) since the nonsensical and incoherent 1973 Supremeless Court Roe v Wade decision.8 A mother's womb should always be the safest place in the Universe. In America it's the deadliest. 50,182,504 (and counting) murders is much larger than the populations of California @35,894,000; Texas @22,490,000; New York @19,227,000; Florida @17,397,000; Illinois @12,714,000; Pennsylvania @12,406,000 our 6 most populous states each of which existed hundreds of years prior to 1973; the populations of 161 of the 190 countries in the world9; and 50,182,504 is 39.65x greater than all American losses in all wars ever fought by America (1,265,360)10. With Embryonic Stem Cell research we are moving from killing our young (abortion) to the eating of them as well. If that's progress, then there is no such thing as progress!

11. Because of those who condone such horrors, this country is rotting from within. We are no longer seen as the land of the free and the home of the brave but rather as the land of the free for all and the home of the depraved. This is a real reason some abroad hate us. They see the United States as the Chief exporter and merchant of paganism; atheism and the resultant moral decay and they want to stop "The Great Satan" from poisoning and polluting their populations and cultures. We no longer live up to our core principles Life, Liberty and The Pursuit Of Happiness. We are seen as haughty hypocrites. Life should always feed first. If it doesn't, it won't take forever to make Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness literally extinct. Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness do not remotely suggest or condone destroying our young (Life) especially in a land that has been blessed and given so much.

12. Like the French poet Charles Péguy once observed: "It will never be known what acts of cowardice have been motivated by the fear of looking insufficiently progressive."11 Even more telling is what our own Thomas Jefferson once stated: "Indeed, I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just."12 As John Baker of Louisiana State University reminds us:

In his first inaugural address, Washington declared as his "first official act" his "fervent supplications to that Almighty Being who rules over the Universe" that he might bless the new government. Directing his words to his compatriots, Washington said: "In tendering this homage to the Great Author of every public and private good, I assure myself that it expresses your sentiments not less than my own; nor those of my fellow citizens at large less than either. No people can be bound to acknowledge and adore the invisible hand which conducts the affairs of men more than those of the United States."13

Washington bracketed his years as President with similar sentiments in his Farewell Address (1796):

"Of all the dispositions and habits which lead to political prosperity, Religion and morality are indispensable supports. In vain would that man claim the tribute of Patriotism, who should labor to subvert these great Pillars of human happiness, these firmest props of the duties of Men and citizens. The mere Politician, equally with the pious man, ought to respect and to cherish them."14

13. One wonders if those who support abortion and embryonic stem cell research were ever embryos and fetuses. One wonders where we would be today if abortion and embryonic stem cell research had been glamorized when they were "little one's". It appears that such sponsors were never taught or failed to learn the self-evident precept ... pick on somebody your own size or bigger. In other words, they seem gutlessly prone to bully those who are in most need of their protection only because the bullied can't fight back.

14. For those bullying politicians among the appeaser and pleaser group who say they are Catholics, I urge them to secure a copy of the United States Catholic Catechism For Adults (United States Conference Of Catholic Bishops, July, 2006) and read it. As stated on page 391:

"The Church has always condemned abortion (and by obvious extension Embryonic Stem Cell research). In the Didache (the teaching of the apostles), 2.2, written toward the end of the first century and revered as an honored guide for Christian life, we read, "you shall not kill the embryo by abortion". This teaching has never changed and it will not change. From conception, the child has the right to life. Direct abortion, that is, abortion willed as an end or a means, is a "criminal" practice (GS, No. 27:3), gravely contrary to the moral law. The Church imposes the canonical penalty of excommunication for this crime against human life. Because it should be treated as a person from conception, the embryo must be defended in its integrity, cared for, and healed like every other human being. (CCC, Nos. 2322 – 2323)".15

The Catholic Church isn't a restaurant where patrons can order a la carte nor is it like picking and choosing from a buffet or within a cafeteria. While it is difficult to be a good Catholic, such difficulties do not give Catholics the right to hide behind any supercilious or manufactured conscience shield.

Supporting abortion and/or embryonic stem cell research (both of which kill another human being) in the name of conscience or convenience is nutty because it could be easily claimed by any deceptive soul who has cleverly conditioned themselves to rationalize the death of right and wrong in the pursuit of selfish and ephemeral desires at the expense of others.

I don't think people like Hitler; Stalin; Saddam Hussein; Moa; Pol Pot; Idi Amin; Kim Jong-Il; et al had conscience (scruples) problems with their pagan heathenism, the consequences of which are and will sadly continue to be dwarfed in comparison versus the continuing American body counts of abortion and possibly those orchestrated by embryonic stem cell research cannibalizations. As I recently read: "when someone has a functioning conscience, the facts matter". Sadly, the abortionists and the embryonics are impervious to reason!

Claiming conscience as a passport for permitting the rejection of God's natural, divine and moral laws is un-American; unconscionable and indefensible for any God fearing American. And it isn't a protector against excommunication for Catholics. Choosing to "resist Peter to his face" has the gravest consequences. I would urge Catholics (including Catholic politicians) to recall and recollect these everlasting facts and truth. Otherwise, they should stop claiming to be Catholics because such counterfeit Catholic beliefs result in self-imposed excommunications and give real Catholics and the Catholic Church a bad name. Like Padre Pio, a recently-canonized Catholic Saint, said when once challenged by a skeptical Catholic who expressed disbelief in the existence of Hell – "You'll believe it when you get there!"

15. The Catholic Church was founded upon the deeds and lives of a Jewish carpenter and 12 Jewish "fishers of men". Since the Catholic Church and all Christian denominations have their roots in the venerable Jewish faith, I would also suggest that members of the Jewish faith (including Jewish politicians) consider:

What is happening in the U.S.A. today with abortion and embryonic stem cell research is a historic re-run of what occurred with European Jews during WW II. In fact, the American abortion slaughters and the potential embryonic stem cell cannibalizations are much greater in human body count (50,182,504 and counting via just abortion) than the estimated 6,000,000 Jews murdered by Nazi Germany; and much greater horror because the innocent, defenseless and voiceless "little ones" have absolutely no chance to fight back or escape.

For any member of the sacred Jewish religion and/or Jewish inheritance to support, condone, aid, assist, abet, etc abortion and embryonic stem cell research is beyond the power of description in its blinding failure to learn from history. The Nazi's thought the Jews were soulless "blobs" (not viable human life) and conducted massive abortions and many were convicted of such crimes against humanity at Nuremburg and sentenced to death (hung). Dr. Josef Mengele, the Nazi embryonic stem cell experimenter of the time, conducted gruesome human tests which were portrayed in the movie Boys From Brazil starring Gregory Peck. "In modern day Germany human cloning and bizarre scientific research on living human beings (embryos and fetuses) is absolutely forbidden because of what Germany experienced when the Nazis were in power. The German people do not want to relive that nightmare".16

16. For anyone to claim that they are personally against abortion and/or embryonic stem cell research, but that their personal beliefs shouldn't infringe on another's right to believe and behave otherwise is insincere and duplicitous. Such an "I feel strongly both ways" position would be akin to someone saying that they were morally against what happened in Nazi Germany, for example, but they would have had no right to stop or pass legal judgment on those who morally felt and acted the opposite; or that they are morally against drunk driving et al but don't feel compelled to stop or pass legal judgment against those who practice it and kill defenseless parties.

17. In concert with the secular regressives who may temporarily inhabit Congress, they should be reminded that Government is supposed to be "promoting" not "providing" for the general welfare. There is a vast difference. If these values subtractors feel so strongly about what has proven to be flawed embryonic stem cell research, let them spend their own private monies to fund it. James Madison (he should know: he wrote our Constitution) wrote that the powers of the federal government were "few and defined". Our 10th amendment makes it clear that any powers not specifically granted to the federal government were reserved to the states and people. Why are we ignoring this in so many ways?

18. As Peggy Noonan wrote in her 1/27/07 Wall Street Journal article:

"The major parties seem as played out as they are ruthless, and the arc of political fame is truncated; nobodies become somebodies become has-beens before half the country knows their name. The Democrats have no idea what they stand for, the Republicans only remember what they stood for".17

19. As far as the Democrat party is concerned -- and despite being raised the oldest of 9 children in an Irish/Catholic/Democrat culture -- whatever happened to the party who used to broadcast and back-up their support for the underdog; the downtrodden; those who don't have a fair chance in the race of life; those who can't fight back fully or effectively? Surely, the most innocent, defenseless and voiceless among us (embryos and fetuses) should be the primary and principal members of the once admirable Democrat party. Why doesn't the Democrat party speak out against the slaughter of 50 million (and counting) American babies via abortion? Abortion isn't a right. It's a wrong. Why does the Democrat party support "baby killing" with such vigor and glee?

20. According to the Philadelphia Inquirer recap of the House Embryonic Stem Cell Research vote (page A-2 Friday, January 12, 2007) Ed Markey (D., Mass.) warned that if Congress did not override a Bush veto this time, "this will be remembered as a Luddite movement in American history when fear triumphed over hope and ideology over science".18 The dictionary describes Luddite as: "a member of any of various bands of English workmen (1811-1816) who destroyed industrial machinery in the belief that its use diminished employment".19

Knowing that Mr. Markey is a Democrat from Massachusetts explains a lot. However, such a sterile and mechanical definition has no place in the embryonic stem cell or abortion conundrum because embryos and fetuses aren't machines or dispensable mechanical parts. Moreover, machines that create productivity don't create themselves. Rather, they are created by human beings who were created by God in his image and likeness but not as his equal. Left unchecked, this country's slaughter and cannibalization of our young will eventually ruin the U.S.A. Check out demographic projections based on future population mix and current birth rates. That's not leaving things better than we found them.

Furthermore, is Mr. Markey suggesting or condoning that working men should be eliminated or reduced? How would that comport with Mr. Markey's (likely) union-oriented representations and the Democrat party's long-standing love affair with the working man? How will his (likely) working-class constituency feel about Mr. Markey's comment when/if it is understood and reaches them? Apparently, Mr. Markey doesn't fully understand the real world meaning of the word FEAR. For people who are held accountable for real results in the real world, FEAR is accurately described as False Evidence Appears Real. As was cited earlier, embryonic stem cell research is laden with false evidence that appears real.

Whenever science impedes, interferes with, or theatens the ideology (ideals) of this country's primary core value Life, science should be marginalized and ignored. After all, our 3 core values are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit Of Happiness in that unalterable order and priority. They aren't Science, Liberty and the Pursuit Of Happiness. Moreover, The Pursuit Of Happiness in no way means or guarantees the Promise Of Happiness.

21. The same Philadelphia Inquirer recap cites Rahm Emmanuel (D., IL) who wondered aloud (not seriously he assured) "whether those voting against the bill would be willing to waive their right to access cures that would come from this work".20

Mr. Emmanuel should consider that:

The benefits of embryonic stem cell research are, as previously stated, largely non-existent. If/when such cannibalizing research results in cures, we wouldn't want the benefits of such work because it destroyed other human beings. Plus (+) one (1) life; minus (-) one (1) life; equals zero!

The preference should always be a plethora of non-embryonic stem cell cures which don't require destroying an innocent, defenseless and voiceless "little one" and which are more efficacious and which don't require immoral taxpayer fundings. In fact, the technology for obtaining "Pluripotency" (the potential for non-embryonic stem cells to develop into multiple types of mature cells) "will soon eliminate any plausible argument for the pre-meditated killing of embryos".21 The Senate unanimously (100-0) passed the Alternative Pluripotent Stem Cell Therapy Enhancement Act on 7/18/06. Yet the House in a vote of 273-154 did not (2/3 vote required) pass the legislation. The Pluripotent legislation would have (or should have) obviated any need to go down the lemming-like lane into embryonic stem cell research. Let's go back and pass non-embryonic stem cell Pluripotency legislation in both Houses instead of what will surely amount to an open door for embryo killing embryonic stem cell research.

Surely, there are and will be those who wonder alound (not seriously they would assure) whether those who voted for the House and Senate bills would be willing to allow experimentation on their bodies when/if the scientific community starts posturing that such research would find cures to diseases which will almost certainly result from ESCR's unsafe "messing with mother nature".

22. Given everything so far stated, why any logical person or politician would ever want to enrich or prolong one life by cutting off another life is beyond the power of telling. This speaks volumes. Some may be wondering how long it will take before American restaurants start offering fillet of fetus and embryonic stem cell egg salad on their menus. Using one human life as a guinea pig to help another human life is never justified!

23. Some may point to the temporary fact that approximately 68% of the American population support embryonic stem cell research. It is likely, however, that the vast majority of the 68% don't yet fully understand the needless harvesting and cannibalization consequences of conducting embryonic stem cell research. As has been proven with the increasing unpopularity of abortion as a form of birth control, the 68% surely don't have all the facts, "A Zogby/Hamilton College Youth poll gives a bright picture as two-thirds of high school seniors stated that abortion is always or usually morally wrong. 70% of females and 67% of males said they would not consider abortion.22 "In August, 2006 the Pew Foundation conducted a poll revealing that 73 percent of Americans view abortion as "morally wrong" in nearly all or some circumstances".23 Once America understands the killing impact of E.S.C.R., they'll join Phyllis Schlafly of the Eagle Forum who said: "I am all for stem cell research as long as it doesn't kill the donor."24 Amen! Even so, if the American people wanted to pass laws that allowed "Rape, Pillage and Plunder" would any of our superficial elected representatives appease and acquiesce to such wants or would they have the "guts" to deny such nonsense as undermining our core values?

24. The means should always justify the ends. While the ends of In-Vitro Fertilization are noble, the means often aren't. In Vivo (natural) fertilization occurs inside the womb when a male sperm successfully unites with a female egg. In Vitro (artificial) fertilization happens outside the womb in a glass (Petri) dish. IVF often brings a third party into a marital union. This is obviously a dicey move. Due to IVF's need for the insertion of multiple embryos into the womb, often times more than one baby develops. Often the strongest baby is chosen. The remainder are poisoned and aborted in utero. Dr. Mengele lives! Here we have broken 3 of God's 10 big laws: The Fifth Commandment -- Thou shalt not kill; The Sixth Commandment – Thou shalt not commit adultery; and the Seventh Commandment – Thou shalt not steal; (stealing the chance of one life for another). Like a good human parent who teaches: "Don't play with matches"; "pick on somebody your own size"; God's commandments aren't prohibitions but protections against the destruction and damage that can occur when we hurt ourselves and others. Intentionally breaking God's laws is like dropping a fresh egg on cement. It becomes impossible to fix the damage. Rather than the atheistic worship of things like abortion and embryonic stem cell research, which results in discarding and destroying "left over" embryos, why not adopt adoption where the means do justify the ends? Embryos can also be adopted!

"IVF may be a calculated step in a dehumanizing progression toward removing the (reproductive) process from the body leading us away from respect for the intrinsic value of human life and along a stone-hard path that would perceive progeny as malleable commodities that could be manufactured, patented and remade".25 IVF leads to the cloning and killing of embryos for therapeutics and then reproduction. This Godless progression leads to the possible end of humanity as we know it today.

25. Some may also point to the Ethics Rules that are contained in the House and Senate versions of the bill. I haven't seen these ethics rules. If they are like other rules or laws written by parsing and nuance-trained lawyers, the ethics rules will probbaly provide for anything goes "mind-numbingly arcane" language interpretations dependent only on who is holding power at any given time or who has more intimate legal connections and a better way to weave intentionally unclear wording. Even if these rules are written clearly and unambiguously so that the American People can understand them, the ethics rules are only as good as those who are responsible for adhering to them. This is disconcerting. Based on Godless and fully immoral abortion and now the embryonic stem cell perversions, the first principle (previously cited) in the Code Of Ethics For Government has been effectively eviscerated. Trust has been destroyed. Principle means doing the exact same thing in different circumstances. The exact same thing here is to always protect human life from the moment of conception (fertilization) up until natural death. Period! If this country can't stand for that without fail, flaw, or feint, we will eventually be unable to stand for anything else!

26. As we have repeatedly learned, it is impossible to tax ourselves into prosperity. It should be self-evident to any sane, clear thinking person that we can't kill ourselves into prosperity. Insanity has been defined as doing the same unsuccessful thing over and over but each time expecting a different result. Let's not allow that oft-cited defintion to prove itself valid on Abortion and E.S.C.R. America today is reproducing below the break-even birth replenishment rate. In a matter of decades this population decline doom-loop (lots of elderly and not enough youngsters) will begin to accelerate at a compounding rate. Abortion and embryonic stem cell research are death wishes being actualized in America. Left unchecked and uncorrected this deadly trend will result in a catastrophic population imposion and imbalance which will undermine the American financial, political, military and economic way of life and our leadership place in the world. Germany; Cyprus; Australia; Canada; Poland and Singapore with historically depleted populations are now offering incentives for procreating more "little ones". Even the formerly atheistic Russia is considering this program. Moreover, Australia, Germany, France, Canada and Taiwan have initiated legal bans on creating or cloning embryos for research -- knowing that cloning embryos for research will inevitably lead to cloning them for reproduction.26

27. The American people want and desperately need elected officials who have the moral courage, character and conviction to see the holistic long-term vs. squandering time and money fighting to seek, secure, and keep what always amounts to temporary control of secular power. Stopping the slaughter, harvesting and cannibalization of America's "little ones" shouldn't be a Right vs Left; Republican vs. Democrat; Conservative vs. Liberal contest. That is what is truly sad and sickening. It is simply the difference between Common Sense vs. Complex Sense; Good vs. Evil; Right vs. Wrong; Honor vs. Dishonor; Selflessness vs. Selfishness; Morality vs. Immorality. Abortion and embryonic stem cell research are un-American in every way. Where even in the remotest way are such killing practices condoned or championed as rights in our Declaration Of Independence or Constitution? After sacrificing their "lives, fortunes and sacred honors" for such magnificently-chiseled concepts, can't you hear the screams of our Founding Fathers?

28. As Abraham Lincoln stated when referring to slavery, "if slavery is not wrong, then nothing is wrong. I cannot remember when I did not so think and feel".27 Lincoln continued: "God cannot be for and against the same thing at the same time".28 As millions of Americans know, if abortion and embryonic stem cell research are not wrong, then nothing is wrong. That "millions" number especially with the young in all countries including America represent a political and criminal backwash of epic proportions to those who funded and fueled the culture of death. Those who proved untrustworthy in faithfully and fervently protecting the most innocent, defenseless and voiceless amongst us will be marked as forever untrustworthy with anything else. Memories will be long-lasting and just on these moral issues especially as pertains to those who had no hesiation to destroy one human life that can't vote for the sake of another who can. Ultimately actions always have appropriate and commensurate consequences. As H.L. Mencken wrote: "time is a great equalizer, even in the field of morals".29 If an American Nuremburg occurs, the defendants brought to justice will surely be asked: 1) were you ever an embryo or a fetus? 2) what did or didn't you do to protect embryos and fetuses who relied on the protections you were given when you were in such states?

29. Like Pope Felix III wrote: "not to confront error is to approve it". Silence isn't golden. It's yellow. Abortion and its poisonous progenies like embryonic stem cell research murder are the seminal litmus tests and issues of our time. They should be seen as shameful, unthinkable, unnecessary and illegal. Until this once great Republic returns to falling in Love with Life, it will continue to lose its greatness and become – instead of the first amongst equals – the last amongst unequals. That's exactly what some interested parties are attempting to accomplish.

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Posted Nov 18, 2007.

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