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14 Weeks

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This is a fourteen-week old fetus. This photo was taken by Dr William Liley, a New Zealand physician who developed a technique for giving blood transfusions to babies in the womb. Sometimes a baby is conceived with Rh+ blood, while his mother has Rh- blood. In such cases, where the baby's blood and the mother's blood meet the mother's body treats the Rh factor as a disease, and produces antibodies to destroy it. This is usually not a problem on the first such pregnancy, because the mother's body doesn't produce antibodies quickly enough to do any real harm, but on the second such pregnancy, the antibodies from the mother can destroy the baby's blood. Before Dr Liley's work, many of these "Rh babies" died.

This does bring up an interesting side note, though. Pro-abortionists often say that the unborn child is "just a part of the woman's body" and she should have the "right to control her own body". But if this "lump of tissue" is just a part of the mother's body, how does it have a different blood type?

Posted 12 Mar 2001.

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