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No. 88-605. Argued April 26, 1989 -- Decided July 3, 1989


Appellants William L. Webster, Attorney General of Missouri
Michael L. Boicourt and Jerry L. Short, Assistant Attorneys General.
Appellees Frank Susman
Roger K. Evans, Dara Klassel, Barbara E. Otten, Thomas M. Blumenthal, and Janet Benshoof.
United States
arguing for reversal
Charles Fried
Acting Solicitor General Bryson, Assistant Attorney General Bolton, Deputy Solicitor General Merrill, Roger Clegg, Steven R. Valentine, and Michael K. Kellogg.

Amici Curiae

For reversal
Alabama Lawyers for Unborn Children, Inc. John J. Coleman III and Thomas E. Maxwell
American Association of Prolife Obstetricians and Gynecologists et al. Dolores Horan and Paige Comstock Cunningham
American Family Association, Inc. Peggy M. Coleman
American Life League, Inc Marion Edwyn Harrison and John S. Baker, Jr.
Catholic Health Association of the United States J. Roger Edgar, David M. Harris, Kathleen M. Boozang, J. Stuart Showalter, and Peter E. Campbell
Catholic Lawyers Guild of the Archdiocese of Boston, Inc. Calum B. Anderson and Leonard F. Zandrow, Jr.
Center for Judicial Studies et al. Jules B. Gerard
Covenant House et al. Gregory A. Loken
Focus On The Family et al. H. Robert Showers
Holy Orthodox Church James George Jatras
Knights of Columbus Robert J. Cynkar and Brendan V. Sullivan, Jr.
Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod et al. Philip E. Draheim
Missouri Catholic Conference David M. Harris, J. Roger Edgar, Bernard C. Huger, Kathleen M. Boozang, and Louis C. DeFeo, Jr.
National Legal Foundation Douglas W. Davis and Robert K. Skolrood
Right to Life Advocates, Inc. Richard W. Schmude and Rory R. Olsen
Rutherford Institute et al. James J. Knicely, John W. Whitehead, Thomas W. Strahan, David E. Morris, William B. Hollberg, Amy Dougherty, Randall A. Pentiuk, William Bonner, Larry L. Crain, and W. Charles Bundren
Southern Center for Law and Ethics Albert L. Jordan
Southwest Life and Law Center, Inc. David Burnell Smith
United States Catholic Conference Mark E. Chopko and Phillip H. Harris
127 Members of the Missouri General Assembly Timothy Belz, Lynn D. Wardle, and Richard G. Wilkins
James Joseph Lynch, Jr. Mr. Lynch, pro se.
For affirmance
American Civil Liberties Union et al. Burt Neuborne, Janet Benshoof, Rachael N. Pine, and Lynn M. Paltrow
American Jewish Congress et al. Martha L. Minow
American Library Association et al. Bruce J. Ennis and Mark D. Schneider
American Medical Association et al. Jack R. Bierig, Carter G. Phillips, Elizabeth H. Esty, Stephan E. Lawton, Ann E. Allen, Laurie R. Rockett, and Joel I. Klein
American Psychological Association Donald N. Bersoff
American Public Health Association et al. John H. Hall and Nadine Taub
Americans for Democratic Action et al. Marsha S. Berzon
Americans United for Separation of Church and State Lee Boothby, Robert W. Nixon, and Robert J. Lipshutz
Association of Reproductive Health Professionals et al. Colleen K. Connell and Dorothy B. Zimbrakos
Bioethicists for Privacy George J. Annas
Catholics for a Free Choice et al. Patricia Hennessey
Center for Population Options et al. John H. Henn and Thomas Asher
Committee on Civil Rights of the Bar of the City of New York et al. Jonathan Lang, Diane S. Wilner, Arthur S. Leonard, Audrey S. Feinberg, and Janice Goodman
22 International Women's Health Organizations Kathryn Kolbert
American Nurses' Association et al. E. Calvin Golumbic
National Coalition Against Domestic Violence David A. Strauss
National Family Planning and Reproductive Health Association James L. Feldesman, Jeffrey K. Stith, and Thomas E. Zemaitis
National Association of Public Hospitals Alan K. Parver and Phyllis E. Bernard
Population-Environment Balance et al. Dina R. Lassow
281 American Historians Sylvia A. Law
2,887 Women Who Have Had Abortions et al. Sarah E. Burns.
State of California et al. Robert Abrams, Attorney General of New York, O. Peter Sherwood, Solicitor General, and Suzanne M. Lynn and Marla Tepper, Assistant Attorneys General, James M. Shannon, Attorney General of Massachusetts, and Suzanne E. Durrell and Madelyn F. Wessel, Assistant Attorneys General, Elizabeth Holtzman, pro se, Barbara D. Underwood, John K. Van de Kamp, Attorney General of California, Duane Woodard, Attorney General of Colorado, Jim Mattox, Attorney General of Texas, and Jeffrey L. Amestoy, Attorney General of Vermont
State of Louisiana et al. William J. Guste, Jr., Attorney General of Louisiana, Jo Ann P. Levert, Assistant Attorney General, and Thomas A. Rayer, Robert K. Corbin, Attorney General of Arizona, Jim Jones, Attorney General of Idaho, and Ernest D. Preate, Jr., Attorney General of Pennsylvania
Agudath Israel of America Steven D. Prager
American Academy of Medical Ethics James Bopp, Jr.
California National Organization for Women et al. Kathryn A. Sure
American Collegians for Life, Inc., et al. Robert A. Destro
Canadian Abortion Rights Action League et al. Estelle Rogers
Association for Public Justice et al. Joseph W. Dellapenna
Birthright, Inc. Joseph I. McCullough, Jr.
Catholics United for Life et al. Walter M. Weber, Michael J. Woodruff, Charles E. Rice, and Michael J. Laird
Christian Advocates Serving Evangelism Theodore H. Amshoff, Jr.
Doctors for Life et al. Andrew F. Puzder and Kenneth C. Jones
Feminists For Life of America et al. Christine Smith Torre
Free Speech Advocates Thomas Patrick Monaghan
Human Life International Robert L. Sassone
International Right to Life Federation John J. Potts
National Association of Women Lawyers et al. Nicholas DeB. Katzenbach, Leona Beane, and Estelle H. Rogers
National Council of Negro Women, Inc., et al. Rhonda Copelon
National Organization for Women John S. L. Katz
National Right to Life Committee, Inc. James Bopp, Jr.
New England Christian Action Council, Inc. Philip D. Moran
Right to Life League of Southern California, Inc. Robert L. Sassone
77 Organizations Committed to Women's Equality Judith L. Lichtman, Donna R. Lenhoff, Marcia Greenberger, Stephanie Ridder, and Wendy Webster Williams
Certain Members of the Congress of the United States Burke Marshall and Norman Redlich
Congressman Christopher H. Smith et al. Albert P. Blaustein, Edward R. Grant, and Ann-Louise Lohr
608 State Legislators Herma Hill Kay, James J. Brosnahan, and Jack W. Londen
Certain Members of the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania William Bentley Ball, Philip J. Murren, and Maura K. Quinlan
Certain American State Legislators Paul Benjamin Linton and Clarke D. Forsythe
A Group of American Law Professors Norman Redlich
167 Distinguished Scientists and Physicians Jay Kelly Wright
Edward Allen Robert L. Sassone
Larry Joyce Thomas P. Joyce
Paul Marx Robert L. Sassone
Bernard N. Nathanson Mr. Sassone
Austin Vaughn et al. Mr. Sassone.

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Posted 9 Sep 2000.

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