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Life Chain is a peaceful, prayerful, non-political, non-confrontational demonstration. Perhaps you have seen it or heard of it. Christians all over the country gather to stand along the street holding signs expressing our opposition to abortion. Over 800 communities across America hold Life Chains each year.

Life Chain is held the first Sunday in October, from 2:00 pm to 3:30 pm. While we welcome anyone who wants to participate, we encourage people to come as part of a church group. We hold the event on Sunday afternoon so that a church can make it an extension of their morning worship service. Gather together to worship God, perhaps have a meal together, and then come out together to stand up for Godís creation.

This is not "just a political issue". Innocent babies, created in Godís image, are being brutally killed every day. If speaking out against sin is "mixing religion and politics", then maybe we should mix religion and politics more often.

Life Chain was originally a three year plan. There were going to be two years of building, followed by a huge demonstration the third year. But after the big third year, many people decided they wanted to do it again. It has -- mostly by default -- become an annual event.

Come stand with us as we defend and celebrate God's gift of life. Have your church be a part of Life Chain!

If your church would like to be a part of this yearís Life Chain, contact your local Life Chain sponsor -- if you know who that is -- or contact the national co-ordinator:

please let me live
3209 Colusa Highway | Yuba City, CA 95993

Photos from Life Chain in Greene County, Ohio.
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Posted 16 Sep 2000

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