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This is taken from the address of Larry A. Rosenmann President of the Board of Alpha Pregnancy Center in Latham, NY at our Annual Dinner on February 8, 1996. The discussion of Alpha Center can probably be said about most of the Crisis pregnancy Centers in our nation.

The crowd circled; ready to hurl their stones as soon as the teacher gave the word. The law clearly stated that for the crime of adultery, this woman must die. The teacher was known for his great love and forgiveness ... If he has her stoned, his reputation with the masses would surely suffer -- If he lets her go unpunished he will break the religious law. As the crowd sought blood, Jesus slowly wrote in the dust.

Politicians always try to trap each other in areas of morality. Of course today it is the politicians themselves that are the ones charged with adultery. But consider the poor woman standing next to Jesus and facing that angry crowd. She probably felt guilty about what she had done ... pretty guilty, and pretty scared. Not unlike the way many women in crisis pregnancy feel today.

What did Jesus do for her? First, he put off the angry crowd by charging them that the one who is without sin, should throw the first stone. Then, after everyone had slowly walked away, he charged the woman to go and sin no more. No condemnation, just the help she needed ... and by providing this help he didn't just save her life, he changed it.

We work very hard to make Alpha Pregnancy care center a refuge where those dealing with pregnancy issues can find unconditional love, acceptance and truthful counsel reflecting God's great respect for each individual. By treating each client in the same way that Jesus treated the woman in our story we're also in the business of saving and changing lives.

The theme for this dinner is "Tell a Friend about Alpha Center." Do so, and you also will be saving and changing lives.

Many pregnant women come to us for help because they know they don't want to have an abortion, but if they can't get some help, abortion is their only alternative. Tell a pregnant teenager about Alpha Center and you may save the life of her child.

Recent studies have shown a clear link between abortion and breast cancer. This is just one of the possible health complications of abortion. Tell a pregnant woman about Alpha Center and you may be saving her from a life-threatening medical condition.

Our post-abortive counseling helps women deal with the grief that so many feel after having an abortion. This service is often followed up with referrals for help with deeper problems. Tell a grieving woman about Alpha Center and you will change her life, you may even save it.

Our Friendship Connection pairs past clients with an experienced mom as a mentor to help her learn parenting skills. We also offer single moms help through our parenting classes and an exciting new program called "Cybermoms." Cybermoms is a job training program that will teach young moms computer skills and will help with job placement and other career related needs. Tell a young mom about Alpha Center and you'll help provide her with the skills she needs to raise and support her family.

And finally, our Abstinence workshops are helping young people understand the tremendous physical and emotional risks they take by practicing so-called "safe sex". By taking a firm stand in favor of abstinence, we're providing a clear role model that has helped many teens avoid the temptations of premarital sex. Our counselors have seen far too many pregnant 13 and 14 year old girls who thought they were safe because they were using condoms. I'm terrified that when we learn how many have contracted HIV using the same protection, it will be a tragedy of unprecedented proportions in our society. One made worse by the fact that it could have been prevented if our society had the strength to tell our youth the truth right from the start. -- Tell your school administrators about Alpha Center and keep after them to bring our abstinence team into your school and you could save many, many young lives.

Before I conclude, I'd like explain Alpha Center's political position on abortion. WE DON'T HAVE ONE! Alpha Pregnancy Care Center is a non-political organization. We don't organize or participate in demonstrations of any kind ... because women in a crisis pregnancy need help, not politics. And people of all political persuasions have recognized this. In fact, last year the New York State Assembly passed a resolution naming the month before Mother's Day as a time for our community to recognize and support the work of Alpha Pregnancy Care Center. This resolution will play a key role in this year's "Help a Mom Be a Mom" Campaign where we reach out to tell our community about the center and the work we do.

We appreciate this support, but politics really won't impact the need for the Alpha Pregnancy Care Center. What will impact us is you! Right now, Alpha Pregnancy Care Center is bursting at the seams. We've filled all of the available space in our building... even our outdated computer is full to the brim. Our three part-time paid staff members each work as much as any full time employee I know. And there are thousands of women in the capitol district having abortions each year who have never even heard our name.

There is still a whole lot of work to be done ... and we desperately need your help and financial support right now if we are going to show God's great love and compassion to those woman who are so often alone, facing an angry crowd.

If you would like more information, or if you would like to help support Alpha Pregnancy Center, please contact:
Alpha Pregnancy Center
1071 Troy Schenectady Rd
Latham, NY 12110
All contributions to the work of Alpha Center are tax deductable.

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Posted 9 Sep 2000.

Copyright 1996 by Larry A. Rosenmann.
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