Crisis Pregnancy Centers: Compassion

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For years the pro-life movement has supported Crisis Pregnancy Centers (CPCs) which assist women, and their mates, in handling unintended pregnancies. These centers provide for the woman's emotional and physical needs, from counseling and support groups to assisted living, free clothing for mother and child, job training and, in some cases, financial aid. This is the safety net critics accuse pro-life advocates of ignoring. But the net is in place and growing. More than 3000 CPCs operate nationwide, most with volunteer staff and break-even budgets. Just imagine how many women they could help with the $75 million in tax money the Clinton administration has pledged [1] to Planned Parenthood International to promote abortion overseas over the next 5 years.

[1] John M. Goshko, "Planned Parenthood Gets Aid Grant," Washington Post, November 23, 1993, p. A12.

Excerpted from Family Research Council electronic newsletter.
Pregnant Pause Home Aborted Women Search this site

Posted 9 Sep 2000.

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