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An organization called Exhale offers sympathy cards to send to women who have had abortions. These cards carry a variety of messages. One says, "I think you did the right thing". Another reads, "There are no words to express my sympathy for your loss. As you grieve, remember that you are loved." And yet another, "May you find comfort in God's constant love. Know that my prayers are with you at this time."

This naturally brings up the questions, Why would anyone send such a card? and, Who would want to receive it? Exhale is basically a pro-choice organization. Their web site states that the organization was created "by and for women who have abortions" and that the founders had "personally experienced the lack of non-judgmental services" for women who have had abortions. Their stated goal is to "provide an alternative to politically motivated counselling agencies". They state that, of their founders, "most, though not all, personally identified as pro-choice".

So I ask again, Why would a pro-choice person see a need to send a sympathy card to a woman who has had an abortion? They've been telling us for decades that abortion is just a routine medical procedure. That the "fetus" is not a baby, but just a "glob of tissue" and "like a blod clot". An abortion is like having some unwanted growth removed. They point out the tiny size of the unborn and compare an abortion to clipping your nails.

Yes, I once had a friend who had surgery for a malignant tumor. So I sent her a sympathy card afterward, offerring condolences on her grief for the loss of the tumor.

My wife once underwent the emotionally draining experience of having a mole removed. Through both our tears, I could only remind her that I thought she did the right thing.

And how can I forget the trauma when my sister clipped her fingernails? I knew I wouldn't be able to restrain my emotions if I called on the phone, but at least I sent a card reminding her of "God's constant love" and assuring her that I would remember her in my prayers.

Sarcasm aside, surely there would be no need to remind someone of God's love unless she was seriously worried that God had abandoned her. What would make a woman who had an abortion think such a thing, except ... feelings of guilt and shame? Surely there would be no need to assure someone that she "did the right thing" unless she was seriously concerned that she had done something terribly foolish, or even morally wrong.

Remember that these cards weren't created by some group of radical male pro-lifers as a political statement. They were created by women who have had abortions themselves, and who believe that cards like these are the sort of statements they would have liked to have gotten from friends after their abortions.

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Posted 20 Mar 2007.

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