America's Holocaust

by Michael Westfall
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All life belongs to God including the unborn. Scripture describes fetuses in the womb as persons. In the Bible there are many scriptural passages that deal with unborn children. While the sin of abortion may be no less forgivable than any other sin because through faith in Jesus all sins are forgiven (John 3:16), Jeremiah 1:5 says that God knows us before he knits us in the womb and Exodus 21:22-25 prescribes the same penalty for someone who causes the death of a baby in the womb as the penalty for someone who commits murder.

This paper is not intended to portray women as evil baby killers. Many women have been brainwashed into thinking that abortion is socially acceptable and that their unborn child is not a living human being.

Studies of women who have aborted clearly show that up to 75% have feelings of guilt and genuine deep remorse. Many are prone to mask their feelings with alcohol and drugs and suffer mental and physical problems long after the ordeal. Every child they see reminds them of their lost child. It is a guaranteed one-way direction of permanent misery and permanent loss.

Children, women and families are truly victimized by the abortion mills. Our culture tells women that it is not the right time to have a child, they are to young, they can't afford it or it might interfere with their plans. Relative to the human suffering and loss this is a cultural lie. It is a profound mistake that a woman will never get over her entire life. Abortion doesn't solve any problems but rather increases the exploitation, pain and suffering of women. It fails to benefit the physical, emotional and social well being of women. Women aren't better off they are worse off. It makes it easier for husbands and boyfriends to leave their wives and girlfriends. Women who have had abortions have a history of significantly more health problems, many of which are very serious. These women are many times confused and frightened, and there is little point in pointing an accusatory finger towards them. These women are the losers. Their child will never live in this world. It is the people gaining monetarily who work for the abortion office and the clinic itself who benefit.

Not only do women suffer from abortion but men do as well. Men suffer from many of the same troubles including grieving, anger, depression, and sleep problems.

United Auto Workers

In the 2003 national contract, UAW workers were shocked as union officials asked automakers in secret talks to cover abortions in the workers, healthcare benefit packages. Christian workers were livid. The UAW was amazed to see their rank & file spring into action circulating petitions diametrically opposed to abortion.

Christian workers deeply question the UAW's ultra liberal Democratic agenda when it comes to family and moral values like abortion and marriage for those who practice homosexuality. Union leaders who profess faith need to examine their actions relative to their personal faith.

Montrose, Michigan

In Montrose, Michigan where I was brought up in the 1950's, if my neighbors had heard that any country had murdered 46,000,000 of their unborn defenseless children, like our Supreme court has allowed America to do since 1973 with legalized abortion, and that the laws were in place to continue the mass murder, they would have been shocked and horrified. In the 1950's our kids were valuable parts of "real" families. Times could be very hard for people back then, but we were not so self indulgent that we would consider aborting our own kids as a method of birth control or to have life a little easier. My grandfather was a foreman in Flint at the GM Buick plant. He was killed in 1927 at the age of 27 just before the great depression.

My grandmother was left with 3 children. The oldest was only 4 years old. There were no welfare programs back then and they were dirt poor, destitute, without a home and at the mercy of relatives. They lived in a relative's barn and went without most necessities for a long period of time. My grandmother was a great lady and mother. She would tell me that when they were lucky enough to get a chicken during the "hard years" they would eat everything but the squawk.

My grandmother had a difficult life during those times but would have never considered abortion. I am glad of that because you wouldn't be reading this if she had. Neither would any of the rest of my family, my grandchildren or the entire future generations of my family to come. You see, abortion has deep and profound consequences because each abortion eliminates the entire future family lineage going forward of the aborted life. There is more then one life that is lost. Man just doesn't understand and does not have the right to interfere in God's plan of life and death.

Abortion Itself

Abortion is a dark and gruesome practice. It isn't about the health of the woman as much as it is about insuring that the unborn child will die. The abortionist's duty is to terminate the pregnancy, and they are not paid to have a live birth.

There are several methods used for induced abortion and the method is generally determined by the age of the fetus. Younger fetuses may be aborted with suction machines, which puree the soft baby into a liquid before vacuuming out. Later partial birth abortion is used where the baby is partially removed from the mother's body and then the abortionist uses suction to remove the spinal fluid and the brain of the child. Using powerful saline chemical solutions is another abortion technique to terminate the life of the unborn.

Abortion rips the unborn child apart and many times leaves behind distinguishable body parts, which must be removed after induced death and dissection.The aborted babies little bodies must be put back together after their destruction and removal to make sure nothing is left in the mother to cause infection.

How can any civilized thinking person look into the face of an aborted baby, see the tiny hands and feet, put back together the bodies of these unborn children that have just been ripped apart and not have any feeling for the child or mother? How can they have no remorse for being a part of the process? How can they not say a prayer for this little soul and their would be mother before they discard the little bodies?

How many badly burned little kicking babies have felt the terrible pain from the saline solution or from being torn, pureed and dismembered during their demise in their mothers, where they should have been safe, before they were flushed down the abortion mills' industrial strength garbage disposals or cremated in their incinerators?

Our nation would be up in arms if any other group of Americans were torn limb from limb, burned beyond recognition with painful saline solutions and then flushed down the toilets like a piece of waste. It would be unacceptable, as it should be, if any Americans were ground up in the industrial strength garbage disposals or had a scissors put to the back of their heads and their brains removed. To even suggest it sounds barbaric, yet that is precisely what is a legal right for abortionists to do to our unborn thanks to our Supreme Court. This is insane! Our liberal politicians not only look the other way, but they actively support it.

How can this be called medical ethics? It is more like medical ethics from the twilight zone ... not America. Abortionists know that they are destroying life. It is right in front of their eyes and there is absolutely no doubt about it. The pre-born individuals are dismembered by their tools, they can see and feel it. For a person who stands to gain monetarily from an abortion to suggest to the mother that the child in her isn't a human being is nauseating.

These pre-born children already have the DNA for their own blood, eye color, hair color, body shape and all the other human characteristics that the rest of us had when "we were also pre-born children". What abortionists don't mention is that if the mother were to look into the face of her pre-born child she would see a human face, and if she looked down she would see a beating heart just like the abortionists can see.

While abortion destroys the children and traumatizes the mother, it financially rewards the abortion clinic and it's staff handsomely. How can a person that performs such atrocities pretend to be human, go home at night, say grace at the dinner table, pat their own children on the heads and get a good nights sleep without hearing the silent screams of the dead pre-born children whose opportunity for life they have ended?


There have been many cases where doctors and clinical personal that perform abortions just couldn't take it anymore and quit. See ...

Government / Law

The abortion debate has taken place in Congress and in state legislatures. In 1973 the Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton cases led to the mass legalization of abortion for any reason before the 24th week of pregnancy. This was an act of aggression by the Supreme Court against the American family and gutted the abortion laws in all 50 states.

Another barbaric issue began twelve years ago in 1993 when President Clinton signed the act that allows government funded research using the tissue from aborted children. Another relative issue since the legalization of abortion in America is that there have been documented cases where women donated their aborted fetuses to medical research only to find enterprising barbarians selling the harvested brains and other body parts.

In 1996 Congress enacted a bill banning partial birth abortion but President Clinton vetoed the law. Our nation's major pro-life, The National Right to Life Committee (NLRC), led the coalition that resulted in enactment of the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act. President George W. Bush stated that "partial birth abortion is violence directed against those who are inches from birth" as he signed the bill on November 5,2003.

Almost instantly the ACLU and liberal politicians began challenging the law across the nation. How can our courts pass laws to protect our families on one hand and then on the other hand disconnect, flagrantly throw morality out the window and allow an abortion industry to destroy our nations unborn children in the most hideous ways? Abortion truly is justice gone awry.

The Supreme Court may make it constitutionally legal in America to make a business of this hideous ending of life, but there is a higher court that all of us will answer to one day including the abortionists and the Supreme Court justices themselves. They should not be surprised to see all of the little soul there whose lives were snuffed out by their decisions. The man holding court there in judgment will be of a higher moral calling, and I wouldn't want to be one of these people who has to answer to him on these charges.

Hitler's Holocaust

How can the legalized murder of these unborn infants, who according to America's Supreme Court have no worth or value, be any different in the eyes of God then the legalized murder that occurred in Hitler's death camps? There is a glaring comparison between Hitler's Holocaust versus the entire arena of abortion and embryonic stem-cell research. As extreme as it sounds it is amazingly relevant.

In the 1950's I remember seeing films of General Eisenhower going into these holocaust death camps and discussing how evil they were. My father fought Hitler and his atrocities. Dad was shot in the lung and had part of his elbow blown off during World War II fighting the evil Nazi regime.

Hitler's killing resulted in the death of over 11 million people, including over 6 million Jews in the genocide called the Holocaust. When you consider the commonalities between Hitler's Nazi regime that "targeted and murdered over 6,000,000 mostly Jewish men, women and children" and compare that to America's Supreme Court decision in 1973 legalizing abortion across the board in our country which has "targeted and ended the lives of over 46,000,000 of our own unborn children", who are the future men, women and children of America, what does that say about "us" post World War II? Evil is still alive. Numerically our own Supreme Court has legalized through abortion the loss and carnage of over seven times the number of lives lost in the Hitler death camps. Abortions are marching on in lockstep with no end in site and getting ready for the next 46,000,000. What happened to our culture and how could we have sunk so far so fast? We are ending the lives of our own unborn children and thus all resulting future families going forward forever following the unborn child's lineage.

Throughout history Godless tyrants have used abortion in many ways. In addition to the murder of millions of defenseless men, women and children and the diabolical medical experiments his doctors performed, the infamous Adolph Hitler used abortion as a way to deal with populations he didn't like in countries under Nazi tyranny. Hitler proclaimed that abortion was a brilliant concept for these countries and said he personally would shoot any "idiot" who tried to stop abortion in Nazi occupied territories.

When I began working on the assembly line at GM's Flint Fisher Body plant in 1964, I found myself working with many Jews who had come to America after World War II. They were some of the finest people I have ever met and, my being a young man, they took me under their wings and we became friends. Their stories were just unbelievably horrendous. They had lost their entire families to the Hitler death camps and forever would wear the camp tattoos. I could write so much more based exclusively on the lives and suffering of these special human beings who had so little value in the eyes of Germany's politicians.

Much the same as our unborn children have no value in the eyes of too many of our liberal politicians today in 2005. One of my Jewish friends, Saul, was in the Auschwitz Nazi concentration camp. This is the camp from where Hitler's SS Dr. Josef Mengele operated. Mengele was one of the head SS camp officials responsible for the murder and cremation at Auschwitz. "Beppo" and "Angel of Death" were two of Mengele's nicknames by camp inmates. He was the monster who personally selected over 400,000 prisoners for execution in Hitler's gas chamber in his 21 months at the death camp. Mengele also was the demented and crazed doctor who performed sadistic experiments on prisoners that he handpicked from the unloading platforms of Auschwitz.

Some of the experiments Mengele would do included injecting little children's eyes with chemicals to change eye color and sewing the veins of twins together to see if he could create artificially conjoined twins. He did many gruesome amputations as well and is well known for his heartless surgeries and experiments on twins. At the end of his terrible and painful experiments he would kill many of his victims by injecting chloroform directly into their hearts.

After the war many twins and dwarfs came forward with recollections and testimony on the Mengele atrocities. They talked of how he would starve babies to death to see how long it would take them to die. These survivors told of mothers killing their own babies in order to save them from Mengele and his many barbaric torturous experiments. These experimental atrocities were also done at other camps. These so-called scientists would operate without anesthesia, they would infect children with fatal diseases and they would do horrible experiments on womens reproductive organs. After the war Mengele fled to Buenos Aires where, true to form, he became an abortionist. There were other SS death camp officers who became abortionists, including the infamous Vilis Kruze. Mengeles killing machine was populated with armies of doctors, lawyers and politicians who found other living beings devoid of worth.

Likewise, America's Supreme Court in 1973 found our nations unborn as being devoid of worth.


There have been confrontations at clinics where abortions are performed. I personally have attended several Right to Life marches and the only violence that ever occurred was by the "Pro-Choice" people. They were generally the ones who were vulgar, obscene and in your face. Not those from Pro-Life.

Each time any individual uses violence against abortionists the abortion rights leaders blame pro-life leaders as the cause. This is ridiculous because the pro-life movement preaches against violence. The church has unequivocally rejected violence and churches have put out statements that people advocating hurting abortionists or damaging property have no part in their efforts.


For over a period of 32 years Pro-Life organizations have fought to stop the slaughter of 46 million pre born Americans. Early American feminists were totally against abortion. It is a fraudulent notion that abortion is essential to women in order to attain full equality.

This issue transcends women controlling their own bodies. It is a situation of life and death for another human being and their entire God-given lineage going forward. Once the 23 chromosomes from the male and 23 chromosomes from the female are merged into 46 chromosomes, the result is a cell with the DNA and genetic code of a human being. It is a life! What is so difficult to understand about that? What must God think of our nation when he views the atrocities that we are doing to the pre-born children he has created in his image? In America our Supreme Court has made us into our own "little gods" who have the authority over life or death of our own unborn. We don't have that right. Only God has that right. We have deceived ourselves because there is a God, there is a hell, and there is a judgment, and our short lives are but a vapor. At judgment, spectators may very well include millions of tiny unborn souls that were treated like garbage, never allowed a birthday and most importantly created in the image of God and asking the question, WHY?

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Written 1 Sep 2005. Posted here 18 Jan 2006.

Copyright 2005 by Michael Westfall
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