Truth Doesn't Kill. Abortion Does.

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"Since the old ethic has not yet been fully displaced it has been necessary to separate the idea of abortion from the idea of killing, which continues to be socially abhorrent. The result has been a curious avoidance of the scientific fact, which everyone really knows, that human life begins at conception and is continuous whether intra- or extra-uterine until death. The very considerable semantic gymnastics which are required to rationalize abortion as anything but taking a human life would be ludicrous if they were not put forth under socially impeccable auspices."
"A New Ethic for Medicine and Society,"
California Medicine (editorial), September 1970

"Abortion kills the life of a baby after it has begun."
"Plan Your Children for Health and Happiness"
Planned Parenthood Federation of America (pamphlet), 1963

"We have reached a point in this particular technology where there is no possibility of denial of an act of destruction by the operator. It is before one's eyes. The sensations of dismemberment flow through the forceps like an electric current."
Dr. Warren Hern, Abortionist
at a meeting of the Assoc. of Planned Parenthood Physicians, San Diego, October 26, 1978

"Paradoxically, I have angry feelings at myself for feeling good about ... doing a technically good procedure which destroys a fetus, kills a baby."
New Mexico Abortionist
American Medical News, July 12, 1993

"Many times" (a clinic nurse said), "women who had just had abortions would lie in the recovery room and cry, 'I've just killed my baby'...I don't know what to say to these women," the nurse told the group. "Part of me thinks, 'Maybe they're right."'
Abortion Clinic Nurse
American Medical News, July 12, 1993

"Even if you're pro-choice, no one likes to see a dead fetus."
Vilma Valdez, Education Director
Planned Parenthood of Greater Miami, The Miami Herald, October 24, 1992

Pro-life advocates call abortion killing. So do abortion advocates.
Agreement on basic fact is the first step in reasoned dialog.

Abortion Policy Must be Debated.
Without Violence. But with Truth.

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Posted 4 Sep 2000.

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