Time Changes Everything

by Mike Southerland

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You've heard it said that "Time Changes Everything" (Bob Wills,I believe, but that's another topic!). But have you noticed a particular trend when it comes to changing one's position on abortion? The story is familiar to those on the pro-life side of the abortion debate. It seems as though every time you turn around another hard core pro-abortion advocate is defecting to our side. In addition to many "average" people who come around sometimes just at the sight of their own child on an ultrasound screen, there are several "famous" people who have made the switch. When I say "famous," I mean that their "fame" is still within the abortion debate. Three such people come to mind.

The first is Dr. Bernard Nathanson. Dr. Nathanson formerly directed the largest abortion clinic in the world at the time, New York's Center for Reproductive and Sexual Health. He was also co-founder in 1969 of the National Association for the Repeal of Abortion Laws (NARAL). NARAL is still going strong under a new name of National Abortion Rights Action League. His book, The Hand of God, details his journey from a staunch abortion defending to the stalwart Pro-Life advocate he is today. It is very interesting reading. I highly recommend it.

Secondly, a lady named Norma McCorvey comes to mind. Norma McCorvey was Jane Roe in the infamous Roe v. Wade case that legalized abortion on demand up to the day of birth throughout America. In her book, Won By Love, she describes the events leading up to Roe v. Wade, her involvement in the abortion industry, and how the love of a little girl led her to Christ and her newfound pro-life cause. Won By Love is also very good reading. Norma's sense of humor in the book is excellent.

The third example is Nurse Brenda Pratt Schaeffer, R.N. She is the nurse who testified before congress as an eye witness to partial birth abortion. In her video entitled "Partial Birth Abortion," she describes how she was formerly "pro-choice" and how she didn't see a problem with taking a job at an abortion clinic. Her riveting description of a partial birth abortion kept me fighting back tears and led my wife to plead with me to "turn it off" as the tears streamed down her face. How anyone can continue to support the "right" to a partial birth abortion after hearing her testimony is beyond me.

All three of my examples display people who have seen the truth of abortion and changed their minds. However, I do know that there are exceptions to the rule, and that somewhere, somehow, there are those who used to be pro-life, but have changed allegiance to the pro-abortion side. But for some reason the only people I can find who do this are all in the same line of work. My example? Al Gore. Mr. Gore used to be considered pro-life when he was a senator from his conservative state of Tennessee. There's just something about politics that tends to change minds just like the changing of the wind. For those of you who are currently pro-abortion, you have probably always believed that way. Maybe you'll come around sooner or later. For those of you who are pro-life, you may have always believed that way, like myself, or maybe you opened your eyes to the truth when it was shown to you in a way that you could not dispute it. In any case, welcome. We are all needed to stand up for the defenseless. And for all of you, I challenge you to give me an example of someone who used to be pro-life, but is now pro-abortion. With the exception of full time politicians, I bet you'll turn up empty handed.

Mike Southerland

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Written 23 Oct 2000. Posted 28 Oct 2000.

Copyright 2000 by Mike Southerland.
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