RU-486 Delayed Again

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Some folks must have been praying. We've had another very fortunate break in the ongoing saga of the French abortion pill, RU-486. According to the abortionists' plans, that drug should have been on the market in the U.S. almost two years ago. However, it ran into trouble with licensing and production, and its juggernaut ground to a halt until its sponsors could untangle a legal mess with a proven felon who had been given control of it. So then it was to move forward again and be introduced this year. The contract to produce it had been secretly given to a Hungarian drug firm, along with $500,000 for start-up expenses. But a short time ago, this company, Gedeon Richter, pulled out of its deal with the U.S. partners, along with the earnest money, and said that it would not make the drug. Now the Rockefeller-sponsored, pro-abortion Population Council, which has control of the rights to the drug, must start all over to find a manufacturer, and then jump through the necessary hoops to finally bring it to the market. We wish them many more delays.

In the meantime, another pro-abortion group in the U.S., Abortion Rights Mobilization, has announced that it has secured quantities of the drug (from China?) and will be doing extensive "testing" on 10,000 women. No one believes that they are initiating any serious research. This, rather, is a thinly veiled way to kill 10,000 babies.

Posted 6 Sep 2000.

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