Protecting Child Abusers

by Jay Johansen
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Every state in America has laws against adults having sexual relations with children. Almost every state - including Ohio - has laws requiring certain professionals, such as doctors and teachers, to report any cases where they have reason to suspect such abuse.

This Spring an organization called Life Dynamics conducted a little experiment: they hired a woman with a little-girl voice to call abortion centers across the country and tell them that she was 13 years old and pregnant by her 22 year old boy friend. Their contacts included every Planned Parenthood facility in the country. They recorded phone conversations with 614 Planned Parenthood centers. The results: 84% offered or agreed to conceal the child abuse. A typical conversation went like this one with a Colorado abortion facility:

Clinic: Okay, let me stop you right there because if you tell me anything else, I have to call the police.

Caller: Why?

Clinic: Because you're 13 and your partner's 22, right?

Caller: Yeah.

Clinic: That's against the law. I have to report it by law.

Caller: Oh.

Clinic: So I don't want to know your name or anything about you if you don't want me calling the police.

Caller: Okay.

Clinic: So what you need to do is you need to call completely anonymously, you know, talk to someone on our appointment line. and don't tell us anything about who your partner is.

Another example, a clinic in Soldotna, Alaska:

Clinic: ... it's kind of an illegal thing for a boy who's over 21 to have sex with a girl ...

Caller: Why is it illegal? I don't understand.

Clinic: It's called statutory rape ...

Caller: Are you going to tell on him?

Clinic: No, I won't. But maybe when you go to the doctor you shouldn't tell them how old your boyfriend is.... I think that would be better. Just, you know, maybe have a girlfriend come with you and tell them your boyfriend is 16 or something because he could get in a lot of trouble.

World magazine obtained tapes of 20 such conversations and attempted to verify that they were authentic. For example, they matched the touch-tone dialing sounds heard on the tapes with the numbers Life Dynamics claimed they called. Whenever someone on the tape gave a name, World called the abortion center and asked for that person by name. In every case the tapes proved authentic. WTIC-TV, a Fox affiliate in Hartford Connecticut, did a similar verification on 19 tapes, and again, all checked out.

These tapes are causing scandals and legal action against Planned Parenthood across the country. But they probably will not be causing any legal problems for abortionists here in my home state of Ohio: Ohio law (section 2151.421), requires doctors, lawyers, and many other professionals to report cases of child abuse, but it specifically exempts abortionists and lawyers involved in getting children abortions without their parents' knowledge.

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Posted 28 Oct 2002.

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