Parts for Sale

by Jay Johansen

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In recent months it has come to light that some abortionists have been selling body parts from aborted babies to medical researchers. For example, I have here in front of me a price list put out by a company that served as an intermediary in such transactions, with entries like "Liver ... $150", "Brain ... $999", "Limbs (at least 2) ... $100", "Eyes ... $75", and so on. For most parts the price is higher if the baby was less than eight weeks old.

There has been some discussion if this merchandising is legal: it is against the law in America to sell human body parts. But the abortionists reply that they are not charging for the body parts; they are charging for the labor of preparing and packaging them.

But there's something else that puzzles me. For the past thirty years, pro-abortion people have been telling the public that what is destroyed in an abortion is not a baby, but just a "glob of tissue" or "like a blood clot". Distinguished-looking gentlemen and attractive but mature ladies with prestigious titles after their names appeared on TV and lectured us all on the medical facts. And now it appears that the entire time they were saying this in public, in private they were talking about how much money they could make selling the liver, brain, limbs, and eyes of this "glob of tissue". They knew full well all along that this was not some shapeless mass of cells, but a real live baby with arms and legs and a brain. They stood there and smiled at the cameras and put on their most dignified, serious voices and ... and every word they said was a lie, and they knew it.

Posted 4 Sep 2000.

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