Equating a fetus to a full-grown woman

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You often hear pro-abortion people -- especially those coming from a feminist point of view -- say that pro-lifers are screwed up because they "equate a fetus with a full-grown woman" or "would put the rights of a tiny fetus above those of an adult woman". They point out how small the fetus is, carefully pointing out that at a certain stage it is only a quarter of an inch long. Then they ask how you could possibly suppose that this tiny creature should have the same rights as a five-foot-something woman.

In other words, their position is that a human being's rights should be proportional to his or her size and weight.

This is a very curious position. Do they apply this in general? Do they think that skinny people should not have all the legal rights that fat people have? That the rights of dwarves should be limited?

Indeed, coming from feminists this is particularly curious. They have been fighting for a hundred years against the idea that women should have fewer legal rights than men because they are typically smaller and weaker. In the last few decades they have been fighting very hard against domestic violence: The fact that the average man is physically capable of beating up his wife or girlfriend does not give him the right to do it.

But at the same time, they insist that because an adult woman is bigger and stronger than an unborn baby, she should naturally have the right to kill him.

Apparently the feminist position on abortion is "might makes right".

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Apr 26, 2008.

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