Was Hitler Pro-Life?

by Sharon Mahler
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A while back I saw an article on the Web by a pro-choice person that claimed that Hitler was pro-life, and referred to him as "the father of the pro-life movement". My first impulse was to simply ignore this as silly propaganda. Even if it was true that Hitler opposed abortion, so what? Evil people sometimes do good things. Sometimes they do good things for bad motives; sometimes they do good things because they have some vestige of good in them. If we find that a serial killer is kind to animals, does that make being kind to animals evil? Indeed, an evil person must have some positive qualities if he is to be truly dangerous. If Hitler had not been a skilled politician and an inspiring speaker, he wouldn't have risen to power and killed millions of people. He would have just been one of those annoying guys who bore everyone by droning on about their philosophy of life.

But then I looked into it a little bit, and it turns out that Hitler was against abortion for Aryans, but encouraged abortions for Jews, Poles, and others he considered "inferior races".

It reminds me of an interview I saw on some TV talk show years ago with a Klansman -- complete with white robe and hood -- who said that abortion should be illegal for whites but legal for blacks. Of course the host played this up to an outraged audience.

Do either of these people surprise you?

What is your immediate reaction when you hear of such a position? Most people's reaction seems to be, "That's terrible! He wants to kill off minorities that he doesn't like, while protecting favored races that he does like."

No one I've found on the Web discussing Hitler's position on abortion, and no one on that TV talk show discussing the Klansman's position on abortion, said anything like, "How baffling! If he loved Aryans and hated Jews, why did he want to deny a right to Aryans while granting it to Jews? Hitler took all sorts of rights away from Jews, why wouldn't he take this one away, too?"

Not even pro-choice people say that. Apparently they don't find such a position puzzling either. They say that abortion is a "right" and that to deny this right to someone is unjust. But when they hear that this "right" was granted to Jews and denied to Aryans, their immediate reaction is to say that this shows hatred for Jews.

Maybe even those who defend abortion know in their hearts that it is not a precious right, but a terrible thing. When they let their guard down and speak without consulting their propaganda talking points, they instinctively, if accidentally, describe abortion as evil.

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Written March 16, 2010.

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