Masters of Deception

by Ron Sutton

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Note: The opinions expressed here are those of the author, and not necessarily of Pregnant Pause.

Pro-abortion proponents are masters of deception, adept at distorting or clouding the true meaning of words. We don't kill unborn babies in America: we abort fetuses. We don't trash ripped up babies: we dispose of dismembered fetuses.

What would happen if abortion rights advocates cut the semantic chicanery and began calling abortion what it is -- the brutal premeditated murder of innocent, defenseless human beings? What would happen if pollsters asked, "Do you favor killing unborn babies?" instead of "Do you believe a woman has a right to choose abortion?" (Or if you are really politically correct, you avoid saying abortion at all and replace it with something like "reproductive freedom".)

Believe me, those who demand the right to kill unborn babies know what they are doing. Their carefully crafted statements are deliberately designed to diminish emotional impact and public reaction. A lot of people who would be up in arms over killing babies don't even blink over the daily disposal of 4,000 depersonalized, dehumanized fetuses.

The masters of deception have been so effective that many people don't even think of a fetus as an unborn baby. To many a fetus is just some impersonal blob of something less than human. Among my hate mail is a letter from an angry "doctor" who decried my alleged use of inflammatory language. His opening line was, "A fetus is not a baby!"

How convenient! We're not killing babies - just disposing of fetuses. It's amazing how a simple act of verbicide can soothe a troubled conscience.

The Clintons and the Gores and a host of other politically correct leaders have mastered the rhetoric. They are pro-choice, not pro-abortion -- personally opposed to abortion but dedicated to defending a woman's right to kill her unborn baby. (Oops! I mean, dedicated to defending a woman's right to choose).

Come on! Get real! What's the difference? Pro-choice or pro-abortion, the result is the same: dead babies.

Here's an even better one -- terminating a pregnancy. Imagine this: A child is walking to the park when she is attacked, cut to pieces, and thrown in the trash can. How would you react if the court declared that the murderer simply "terminated her walk to the park"?

Ridiculous? No more so than saying abortion terminates a pregnancy. Abortion doesn't terminate a pregnancy. Abortion terminates the life of an unborn baby.

It's appalling to think that informed people still hide behind this carefully crafted, worn out phrase: "A woman has a right to do what she wants to do with her own body." (See my pamphlet "Sorry Baby, It's My Body.") Never mind that medical science has left no doubt than an unborn baby -- from the moment of conception -- is unique, distinct, and genetically separate from the mother. "Pro-choicers" are masters at distorting facts -- and when necessary, disregarding them. How would it sound if the semantic smokescreen was blown away, if this cherished "right" was demanded with the right language: "A woman has the right to hire an abortionist to murder the unborn baby in her womb."

Oops! If we're murdering an unborn baby -- not just aborting an impersonal fetus -maybe it's a wrong, not a right. Educated people know that that is no such thing as a lifeless fetus. Most people are honest enough to admit the truth: a fetus is simply a little, living, unborn human being. Even reluctant "pro-choicers" have been forced by the facts of medical science to disavow former erroneous assertions (life doesn't begin at conception, a fetus is not a baby, just lifeless tissue, etc.).

But what did the masters of deception actually do when medical science shined its light on this ignorance? A few like the "doctor" mentioned earlier proved that there are still "educated idiots" among us. Most, however, did something more discreet: they sidestepped and changed the argument. They just changed the rules and kept playing the same old game of deception and distortion. "Ah, the issue isn't really whether life begins at conception, etc. ad nauseam, but when does the fetus become viable." (Viability. Now there's a nebulous concept -- just the kind deceivers love!) The real issue should simply be, the baby is alive. Period. That is fact. Is a baby less human and less alive because it is inside, not yet outside, the womb?

The masters of deception knew that viability was shaky ground from which to argue. They needed something that would play better to the media. "Ah, how about 'legal personhood.'" Now there's a concept! Let's stop denying that 'it's' alive, let's stop saying that 'it's' not viable, let's just ask, when does 'it' become a legal person with constitutional rights?" (Haven't we heard this argument before? I wonder if Abraham Lincoln would have anything to say about legal personhood and constitutional rights.)

The masters of deception know that a fetus is a living unborn baby; they know that a fetus is a separate genetic entity. They know but they don't care. They have no respect for life. In their sinister world of deceit and distortion, life is cheap. Their callused consciences allow them to disregard or distort the facts. They argue for a woman's right to reproductive freedom knowing clearly that what they are actually demanding is the right to kill unborn babies. They know but they don't care. The masters of deception are not only great deceivers; they are also great pretenders. They rack their brains to craft phrases which make killing babies sound more humane: right to choose, terminate a pregnancy, reproductive freedom, etc. Millions are honestly deceived by their rhetoric, but abortionists, and most abortion rights leaders, are committing their atrocities with eyes wide open. The truth is, baby killing is a lucrative industry. Many who claim to fight for women's rights are actually fighting for their own financial well-being. They don't care about women or babies. They care about themselves.

God sees through the deception. He doesn't play the pretend game. Why do we? It is appalling that so few challenge the pretensions. It is incredulous that so many "pro-life" preachers are reticent to raise the subject of abortion for fear of stirring controversy. They should be trumpeters of truth but they squeak like frightened little mice. The masters of deception mock their tepid sermons and laugh as they tip toe around controversy and, ever so timidly, play the pretend game. One day, they will answer for their silence.

And how should we respond to the latest ploy -- an alleged desire to find common ground? They are still killing babies, aren't they? Then only one response is appropriate: no truce until the killing stops. (The masters of deception must laugh at the naivete of defenders of life who explore ways to work hand in hand with the destroyers of life.)

We should spurn the very suggestion of common ground. We should arm ourselves with truth and smash deception like we would a slithering snake. We should boldly proclaim the right of every unborn baby to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. To remain silent is not an honorable option.

"Rescue those who are unjustly sentenced to death; don't stand back and let them die. Don't try to disclaim responsibility by saying you didn't know about it. For God who knows all hearts, knows yours, and He knows you knew! And He will reward everyone according to his deeds."

(Proverbs 24:11-12, Living Bible)

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Posted 4 Sep 2000.

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