Offensive Pictures

by Jay Johansen

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At a recent pro-life protest outside an abortion facility in Dayton, a bystander objected to signs some of the protestors were carrying that showed rather gory pictures of aborted babies. He made it clear that he found such pictures highly offensive.

One protestor tried to be accomodating. He spoke to the man politely, and finally suggested that if he found these pictures offensive, he would be happy to give him the phone number of the person responsible, and he could call there and perhaps get some satisfactory response to his complaints.

So the protestor wrote down the phone number and gave it to this upset individual.

He gave him the phone number of Martin Haskell, the abortionist, and thus the person most responsible for the gory scenes depicted on those signs.

Source: Cincinnati Right to Life newsletter, August, 1997.
Posted 4 Sep 2000.

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Copyright 1997 by Ohio Right to Life. Used with permission.
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