"Baby Hope" Left to Die

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"Baby Hope" is the name that Bethesda North Hospital Medical Technician Shelly Lowe, gave the baby. She was in her mother's womb for 22 weeks until her mother went to Dayton abortionist, Martin Haskell. At his abortion chamber, lamanaria were inserted to open her womb in preparation for extracting the baby in the process called partial birth abortion. After undergoing the first part of the abortion, the mother experienced acute abdominal pain, went to Bethesda North Hospital and delivered the baby in the emergency room. The baby was 22 weeks old and was born alive. Connie Boyles, a nurse, and Shelly Lowe attended her. A doctor judged that the baby could not survive and did not order intensive care. After a short time it became evident that she was breathing on her own and surviving on room air, but the order was not changed. She lived 3 hours without artificial assistance, raising the obvious question of her possible survivability if she had been given full intensive care. Ms. Lowe rocked and sang to her, talked to her and rubbed her cheeks for 3 hours until she died. "I wanted her to feel that she was wanted. She was a perfectly formed newborn, entering the world too soon, through no choice of her own."

Mrs. Peggy Lehner, Vice-President of Ohio Right to Life, stated, "This incident brings clearly into focus the awful reality of the partial birth abortion debate. It is time that this hideous practice be stopped." Ohio Representative Jerry Lubbers (D-Cincinnati) said he would introduce a bill to ban partial birth abortions in Ohio. He was supported by a representative of Senator Mike DeWine (R-OH), who seeks a nation-wide ban.

Was she left to die?

Was Baby Hope left to die because the medical personnel were ignorant of the fact that infants of her age have survived? After 10 or 15 minutes it was certainly obvious that she was breathing on her own and sustaining life by breathing room air. Why then was she not air-lifted to one of the two tertiary neonatal intensive care centers in Cincinnati, at Good Sam or Children's hospitals? Nationally, a comment is being circulated by the Christian Medical Dental Association. Speaking for that l4,000 member organization, Gene Rudd, M.D., said:
Babies at this same age -- 22-weeks -- can and have survived outside the womb. The difference that apparently led doctors to let Baby Hope die was that she was the product of a failed partial-birth abortion. What is gone wrong with a society that will permit the deliberate and fatal neglect of a living, breathing newborn? Have we grown so callous to the value of human life that we're willing to begin allowing our infants to die without care? This clearly crosses the line into infanticide -- just like the practice by the ancient Romans, who left their undesired babies out in the elements to die?
Grant the good will and certainly the tenderness of the nurses who attended the baby. Why was the baby not given intensive care?

From: Cincinnati Right to Life Bulletin, May 1999.
Posted 5 Sep 2000.

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